Band 2 Pro

Some of Band 2 Pro facing problem having is the watch will not sync the information to the Huawei Health app. The app is just showing the steps that are counted from the phone. Nothing from the watch.


after deleting and reinstalling the apps and re-paired the watch many times but still no joy. The step count from the watch is showing up on the Huawei Wear app but not the health app. the firmware is up to date.

So if you are facing the same problem then the fix is very easy that I found by searching on google.

Step 1.

Uninstall Huawei Health Application

There are three ways to do this.

The first and easiest is to select your app drawer (if you have it activated), press and hold a required app, swipe up to the top of the screen where it says uninstall. Job has done.

If you don’t have the app draw activated, go into settings and select ‘apps and notifications’. Then select ‘apps’ and scroll down to required app – select it, then you will be offered to ‘force stop’ or ‘uninstall’. Uninstall and job done.

The third option is to find the app on the ‘Play Store’, select it and you will be offered the uninstall option from there. Job Done.

Step 2.

Now install Huawei Health from this link 

Good luck