Download Apps That Aren't on The Play Store

With a number of options, the Play Store is seen as the most suitable place to find any app. However, there are several apps that are not available in the store for Android devices.

Because they are in the testing or development phase, these applications are not available to the general public. However, it is possible to install them safely. Find out how to perform this process and secure sources to download apps.

Installing APKs Safely

In general, APK is the name given to apps downloaded from external sources other than the Play Store. Because of this,   Android devices will block the installation of any file that is not authorized by Google.

However, it is possible to manually change the configuration of the smartphone or tablet to use an application considered unknown. See the step by step:

  1. Go to “Settings”

  2. Access the “Apps and notifications” option

  3. Scroll down and click on “Advanced”

  4. Then, click on “Special app access”

  5. Enter the option “Install unknown apps”

  6. Search for the application you intend to use

  7. Then, enable the option key “Allow from this source”

Another way is to download the APK and, when the Android system sends a notification, perform the following procedure:

  1. Start downloading the desired app

  2. In the Android dialog, click on “Settings”

  3. Then, enable the “Allow access” option

  4. Click on “Download”

  5. After completing the download, open the file

  6. Go to “Options”

  7. Now, enable the option key “Allow from this source”

  8. Return to the previous screen and click “Install”

Where can I find secure apps outside the Play Store?

Fearful of downloading a malicious file, certain users are suspicious of apps from unknown sources. However, there are pages that offer free and secure content for Android. Meet some of them:


Managed by members of the North American website Android Police, APKMirror brings a series of apps in updated versions. Despite the simple layout, the files provided are from safe sources.

XDA Lads

Similar to the Play Store itself, XDA Lads is a source organized by XDA Developers. Totally free, when downloading the platform on the device, it offers several options of apps under development or in tests.


Also inspired by the Play Store, the F-Droid features several Open Source apps. When installing it, the user has access to several applications and receives notifications when there are new updates.

Where can I find secure app

APK Tips for Daily Life

In the middle of the extensive list of options available on the mentioned pages, we have separated two apps that can be useful for Android users.

Google Camera

Developed for Pixel smartphones, Google Camera is also available for Android. It offers an enhanced HDR experience even on devices with simpler cameras.

K-9 Mail

An alternative to email management, K-9 Mail organizes accounts from different servers in just one app. With an intuitive appearance, it receives several updates with improvements for daily use.

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