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How To Remove All Of Your Data From the Web

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Many of us like to believe that what we do on the Internet goes unnoticed, but it is not. Every action, every comment, subscription, every account you open, everything stays there.Therefore, issues such as privacy, security and the constant bombardment of negative information through social networks have led some to consider moving away from the digital world to have a quieter life.

Disappearing from the Internet is not easy, much less if you have been using online services for years. In fact, in most cases, it is impossible to disappear completely.

Each of us leaves an imprint on the Internet, a footprint that is very difficult to erase. But, there are still steps you can take to reduce your activity and virtual registration to a minimum.

Start by closing your accounts in social networks and applications

How much do you want to get away from the Internet? You might want to “detoxify” completely or instead, just want to leave behind a couple of social networks. If what you are looking for is to erase all your Internet accounts, We recommend leaving your email account for last.

With this account, you have created over the years many of the users account you have today and it is with that same account that you can delete your accounts one by one until the end.

In applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp you can delete your user and all stored data that are related to these by just going to the configuration options of each app.

In the case of applications that do not work this way, you can use your email to contact the company that provides the service and request that all your data be removed. So, little by little you will get closer to the goal.

Depending on the number of accounts you have created across the Internet, This could take you from hours to days. In case you only want to get as far away from the digital world as possible, make a list of the applications and web pages where you usually waste more time.

If these are not indispensable for you, you should delete them and close your account so as not to return soon.

If instead, they are applications in which you lose a lot of time but that you cannot leave because of work, then instead of deleting your account, you should reduce your activity deactivating notifications, creating a schedule, and above all, having willpower.

What is the best you can do?

Viewed how complicated it is to disappear completely from the internet the best thing you can do is evaluate how much you want to mark a limit between your personal life and your interaction with the digital world.

In most cases just close social media accounts, this should give you enough peace of mind. On the other hand, if you want to feel more secure when sharing personal information on accounts such as Netflix or PayPal, instead of closing your accounts you can use precautionary measures.

The use of a VPN is a good option, although you also have to know which ones are safe. In any case, What will help you to be more protected on the Internet is common sense.

This is the best solution for your problem, since detaching yourself completely, in a world that is increasingly dependent on digital, is not a good idea.

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