How to Program Spectrum Remote – Full Guide

Program Spectrum Remote

Do you encounter issues configuring your Spectrum remote control? Do not be concerned; our thorough instruction on how to successfully program Spectrum Remote has you covered. This article will walk you through a few simple but efficient setup techniques for your TV and other devices using the Spectrum remote.

Preparing for the procedure

Before we get started programming the Spectrum remote, there are a few things that you need to double-check:

Find The Model of Your Spectrum Remote: The first step is to locate the model number of your remote control, which may be found either within the compartment where the batteries are stored or on the reverse side of the device.

Recognize Your TV Brand: One more thing that you should be knowledgeable about is the brand of your TV. In order to begin programming, you will need to input a certain digit that is associated with the brand of your TV.

Check The Remote Batteries: Check to see that the batteries in your remote have been recently replaced and are fully charged. When it comes to programming, this guarantees the highest potential level of performance.

Find the remote setup codes: The individual codes for each TV brand are listed down below. They are required in order to perform manual programming. You can also locate these codes in the instruction booklet that came with your remote control or on the website that Spectrum maintains specifically for customer support.

Program the Spectrum Remote with Auto-Search

You can easily program the Spectrum remote control using the auto-search feature because it automatically scans for and synchronizes with the TV. The steps are listed below.

Program the Spectrum Remote with Auto-Search

Step 1: Start by turning on your TV in the first step.

Step 2: While maintaining pressure on the “TV” button on your remote, push the “OK/SEL” button. The TV button will blink twice once you release the buttons.

Step 3: Repeatedly press the “CH+” button.

Step 4: Stop pressing “CH+” once your TV has been turned off.

Step 5: Press the “TV” button one more to confirm that the code has been saved. It should flash twice.

Step 2: To switch on your TV, use the Spectrum remote. If your remote works, you’ve programmed it effectively. If the process is not programmed, repeat it.

How to Manually Program a Spectrum Remote

You also have the option of manually programming the Spectrum remote if you are unable to use the auto-search feature or if it does not function properly for you. To do so, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1: First, power on your television while maintaining pressure on the “TV” button on your remote control.

Step 2: While still holding the “TV” button, press the “OK/SEL” button on the remote control. As soon as you let off both buttons, the TV button will begin to flash twice, just as it did when you were using the auto-search method.

Step 3: Navigate to the Spectrum support website or the user manual for your remote control and locate the setup code for your television. Enter this code when prompted. The TV button will flash twice to indicate whether or not the code is legitimate.

Step 4: Turn on your television by using the remote that came with your Spectrum package. If it works, then the remote has been programmed correctly. If this is not the case, the process of programming the Spectrum remote must be repeated.

How to Set Up a Spectrum 1060BC2 or 1060BC3 TV Remote

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is decipher the 5-digit programming code for your television. The codes have been put at the bottom of the article.

Step 2: Activate the television by pressing the “TV” button on the remote.

Step 3: Keep your finger on the “Setup” button as you see the key that was picked for the Mode function flash twice.

Step 4: After that, using the 5-digit code, input the code that corresponds to your device. You’ll see that the mode key that you’ve picked flashes twice in rapid succession.

Step 5: If the blinking of the chosen Mode Key continues for a longer period of time, you will need to go back through the previous steps and enter the same code once more.

Step 6: Once you have positioned the remote control so that it is pointing towards the television, push the Power/Play button once. It is necessary to turn off the television. If it does not, you will need to repeat the processes until you come up with a code that is successful.

Set Up a Spectrum 1060BC2 or 1060BC3 TV Remote

Spectrum Remote Troubleshooting

Try the following troubleshooting procedures to fix the problem if, after trying everything, the TV still does not respond to the remote:

  • To get back to the list of codes and turn on the TV, slowly press and release the CH-key.
  • Press the “TV” button on your remote control once.
  • Hold down the “SETUP” button while waiting for the TV key to blink twice.
  • To have the TV key blink more than twice, enter 991.
  • After that, the TV button will blink twice when you hit the number one key.
  • While aiming your Spectrum remote control towards the TV, press the Power button once.
  • The CH key should be pressed and released repeatedly until the TV is off.
  • Now turn on the TV by pressing the Power button, and then press the Setup key to save the code.

Spectrum TV Remote Codes List

We have included some well-known TV brand codes for Spectrum remotes below. This is not a complete list; for the most up-to-date and comprehensive information, read the user manual for your Spectrum remote or the Spectrum support website.

For 1060BC2/1060BC3 Remote Models:

  • Vizio: 11758, 10864, 10885, 11756
  • Hisense: 10748, 11314, 11660, 12098, 12355, 12419
  • Panasonic: 10250, 11480, 11457, 10051, 10650, 11271, 11291, 11410, 11941, 11946
  • Samsung: 10812, 10060, 10702, 10178, 10650, 10766, 10814, 11060, 11903, 12051
  • LG: 1423, 0178, 10017, 11265, 10178, 10700, 10856, 11178, 11768, 11993, 12358, 12424
  • Magnavox: 11454, 11866, 10054, 10051, 10706, 10802, 11198, 11254, 11365, 11856, 11944, 11963, 11990, 12372
  • Sony: 10000, 10810, 10834, 11317, 11685
  • Sharp: 10818, 10093, 10688, 10851, 11602, 12360
  • Philips: 11454, 11866, 10054, 10690, 11154, 11744, 11806, 11856, 11867, 12372, 12374
  • RCA: 11547, 11447, 10047, 10051, 10093, 10679, 11047, 11147, 11247, 11347, 11781, 11948, 11953, 11958, 12002, 12187, 12247, 12434
  • Insignia: 11423, 11564, 10171, 11204, 11517, 11641, 11660, 11710, 11780, 11892, 11963, 12002, 12049, 12088, 12417
  • Infocus: 12199
  • Infinity: 10054
  • ONN: 11756
  • Dish Network TV: 11948
  • DirecTV: 11501
  • Toshiba: 11524, 10156, 11256, 11265, 10060, 10650, 10822, 10832, 10845, 11156, 11356, 11656, 11704, 11935, 11945, 12006
  • TCL: 11756, 10842, 10706

For Universal CLIKR-5: UR5U-8780L / 8790L Remote Models:

  • Vizio: 386 387 624 625 675
  • Hisense: 419 442 619 630 631 363 752
  • Panasonic: 080 034 056 164 208 359 552 524 607 664
  • Samsung: 258 050 363 143 333 228 229 515 655
  • LG: 363 113 116 102 112 143 569 284 648 741
  • Magnavox: 164 116 003 363 333 226 390 467 431 594
  • Sony: 001 608 646 651 702
  • Sharp: 251 019 028 363 143 175 308 684 692 735
  • Philips: 164 038 116 003 363 206 431 333 161 594 629 727
  • RCA: 333 065 116 363 024 056 161 588 713 751
  • Insignia: 350 400 052 164 403 454 457 604 617
  • Infocus: 333 230 547 548 470 532 564 595 733
  • Infinity: 164
  • ONN: 749
  • Toshiba: 138 030 007 258 325 230 703
  • TCL: 705 749

Setting Up a Spectrum Remote to Operate a Cable Box

The steps listed below must be followed if you want to program the Spectrum remote to operate a cable box:

Step 1: Start by turning on your TV in the first step.

Step 2: Hold your remote near the cable box and simultaneously press the “CBL” and “OK/SELL” buttons until the LED light turns on.

Step 3: Your remote is prepared for programming when the light comes on. Enter the brand and model codes for your cable box at this stage. You might need to enter a brand’s code several times (waiting a few seconds after each wrong code) until you get the right one because some brands have a lot of them.

Step 4: The cable box will automatically switch off when you enter the right code.

Step 5: Use the remote’s “Power” button to see if the device is turning on or not.

Step 6: Press the “CBL” key once again to save the code and complete the procedure.

How to Configure a Spectrum Remote to Control a Radio Frequency Device

You may also set up your Spectrum remote to communicate with your receiver through radio frequency in just a few easy steps. Follow these procedures to connect your remote and receiver through radio frequency:

Step 1: On the remote, press the Menu button.

Step 2: From the menu selections on the left side of your TV, select Settings & Support.

Step 3: After choosing Support, pick Remote Control.

Step 4: Finally, from the list of options, choose RF PAIR NEW REMOTE.

Step 5: Lastly, adhere to the instructions that are visible on the screen.

If you go through the Spectrum remote setup in this way, you can use your remote even if the receiver is concealed.

How to Restore Spectrum Remote to the Default Settings

The procedures shown here will help you reset your Spectrum remote control if it periodically stops working properly or if you just wish to change its settings.

Step 1: First, simultaneously press and hold the “TV” and “OK/SEL” buttons.

Step 2: After three seconds, release the buttons. The remote has been reset if all mode keys blink twice.

The prior programming will be deleted if you reset your remote. Your remote must be reprogrammed after being reset in order to control your TV.

Strategies for a Seamless Experience to Program Spectrum Remote to TV

With these additional pointers and tricks, configuring your Spectrum remote control will be simple:

Look For Correct Code: If the code you typed doesn’t work, carefully try again after reading the instruction booklet. It’s very simple for someone to spell a numeral incorrectly.

Use Good Batteries: Use brand-new, high-quality batteries at all times for optimum performance. The performance of the remote could be compromised if the batteries are low.

Wait For It: Regardless of whether you’re using manual programming or auto-search, it can take a few tries to get it perfect. If the programming doesn’t work the first time, don’t be disappointed.

Signal Path: Make sure the receiver can be reached by your remote control. When a signal’s path is blocked by something, signal interference might happen.

Check the Process: Different Spectrum remote models may employ programming methods that are very different from one another. Verify that you’re following the right steps for your model by checking your procedures.

Keep The Manual: The user manual for your remote is a helpful resource because it contains a list of setup codes and particular instructions for your model.

Restore Settings: Resetting your remote control to its factory default settings should fix any troubles you are having.



You will learn how to program the Spectrum remote if you continue reading this text. Your time spent watching television will be simplified significantly if you teach the Spectrum remote how to operate the TV. It reduces the need for several remote controls, which in turn makes operating your television more convenient.

We have led you through the full process of programming the Spectrum remote, beginning with getting ready for programming and continuing all the way through utilizing auto-search, manually programming with setup codes, and other methods. In addition to that, we went over how to diagnose and fix common problems. Whether you choose to accomplish it automatically or manually by entering setup codes, the objective is to synchronize your Spectrum remote with your television set.

The process of programming the Spectrum control can look complicated at first, but if you follow the provided instructions, you’ll find that it’s actually rather simple. Make sure that you carefully follow the recommendations for a seamless setup, regardless of whether you choose to use the auto-programming or the manual programming option. Keep in mind that a well-programmed remote will allow you to access almost an infinite number of different entertainment possibilities. Make the most of your individualized experience in terms of entertainment!

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