How to link a Facebook page to an Instagram business profile


Facebook and Instagram are among the most used social networks and boast millions of subscribers. Both are branded Zuckerberg, after the acquisition of the second in 2012, and they work peacefully in symbiosis. This is why they are loved by companies: that’s enough to connect a Facebook page to the corporate Instagram account to automatically expose yourself to both catchment areas. Here are the steps to achieve this, from the comfort of your Android smartphone.

Connect a Facebook page to Instagram

To be able to link the two pages, first, you need to convert the Instagram account into a professional profile. The procedure is very simple: in the Settings, click on “Account” and select “Switch to a professional account“. The application itself will guide you to configure the profile. Now you can also connect to a Facebook page by following these steps from your Android smartphone.

connect a facebook page to an instagram account

How to connect a Facebook page from Android

Open Instagram and go to the Settings menu again. Click on “Account”, then on the “Sharing on other apps” item, and finally activate the lever on “Facebook”. The application will ask you to enter your Facebook login information and log in. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, the two social networks will be connected and you will have the choice if share stories or posts on Facebook automatically, as well as benefiting from several benefits.

connect a facebook page to an instagram account

Why merge the two social networks?

Linking a Facebook page to the company’s Instagram profile offers numerous advantages.

  • Simultaneous publication: You can publish on both platforms at the same time, instead of having to create two posts each time.
  • Cross-platform advertising: Ads, stories, and posts can be advertised on the two platforms.
  • Consistency in company profiles: if you change the Facebook page, the changes will be automatically applied to the Instagram page as well, and vice versa.
  • Instagram shop: to add a shop to your Instagram profile, you need to connect a Facebook page.
  • Message management: you have a single mailbox that groups both Facebook Messenger and Instagram messages; to activate it just access the Facebook page and click on the left side tab in “Mail”, here there will be all messages divided according to the social network.
  • Use of all functions: the two platforms are similar but offer different functions, and positioning on both means exploiting them all (for example, Facebook integrates a section dedicated to reviews, while Instagram allows you to create custom filters).

connect a facebook page to an instagram account

In addition to the many “technical” advantages, there is another excellent reason why you want to link a Facebook page to your company’s Instagram profile: brands that are present on multiple platforms are more reliable in the eyes of potential customers. More, always have up-to-date profile information and maintain regular posting and stories (thanks to the simultaneous publication between the two platforms) signals to users that the brand is active and fully operational.


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