How to install game updates and DLCs in yuzu for Android

The Nintendo Switch Yuzu emulator now allows you to install game updates and DLCs very easily in its Android version. We explain step by step how to do it and have all your games up to date.

From time to time, Nintendo Switch games (just like those on mobile or other platforms) receive updates that improve them, either to add something new or to correct errors. Apart from this, there are DLCs, which are the extra downloadable content that more and more developers are betting on to expand their games once they are released.

Next, we will tell you how to install these updates and DLCs for your Switch games through Yuzu for Android to play the latest version or have all the downloadable content.

Install game updates and DLCs in yuzu for Android

DLCs in yuzu

To install the updates and DLCs, we will first save the files to the mobile storage (or external storage if we prefer). These files will normally be in .nsp format.


Then, in Yuzu, we will install them from the data management option. We see the steps below.

Access yuzu settings

yuzu settings

We open Yuzu and click on the gear icon to access the emulator settings.

Open data manager

Open data manager

Within the settings, click on the section that says “Manage yuzu data.”

Press the content installation option

content installation option

Now, we just have to click on the arrow icon next to the “Install game content” option. The file explorer will open.

Install the files

Install the files

  • In the explorer, we look for the folder in which we have stored the update or DLC file.
  • Once located, we press it, and the installation will take effect instantly or in a few seconds, depending on the size.

As we see, installing updates or DLCs for Switch games in Yuzu for Android is really simple. Simply enter the installation settings, and in a matter of seconds, we can have the game updated to the latest version or with the latest downloadable content installed.

Installing game updates is important since they are official revisions from the developers or Nintendo that often correct errors or add important new features. In fact, in some cases by installing them we can make the games perform better in Yuzu or even make games that did not work do so after updating them.

From the Yuzu data management section, you can also install Switch firmware, and install prod. keys or manage user data and saved games, among other things.

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