[Guide]Install Dual Boot on S3 via the ClockworkMod



Please Note :-
Dual Boot can be installed only from a Sammy ROM Jelly Bean or AOSP CM10
If you’re running ICS or CM9, go your way


Have a Galaxy S3 Roote (obviously)

– Being in Jelly Bean 4.1.X (required)

– Have a space of 2.5 gb go on the internal SD card

– Have installed ClockworkMod first

– Download the latest version of SiyahKernel for CWM (XDA link> here <)

– Have the battery charged to 80%

  • First you need to install CWM with SiyahKernel

– Reboot in Recovery mode

– Make necessary Wipes (cache partition & dalvik cache)

– Install zip from SD card

– Restart the phone

  • It should then go into the Recovery SiyahKernel

By installing SiyahKernel you have a new app called STweaks

quired to configure a lot of things (CPU, GPU, etc …)

Among these options you will find a tab dual boot.

In this you have three options:

– Reboot into 1st Rom

– Reboot into Rom 2nd

– Reboot into Rom 2nd Utils

“Reboot into Rom 2nd Utils”

and when you are in the recovery


“Dual-Boot Options”

You will find a list of possible actions is as follows:

  • View Current Status (see Staff of the 2nd Rom)
  • 1st to 2nd clone Rom Rom (a clone of the 1st on the 2nd Rom)
  • 2nd to 1st clone Rom Rom (a clone of the 2nd ROM on the 1st)
  • Remove 2nd (remove the 2nd Rom)
  • Swap 1st to 2nd Rom Rom (1st pass 2nd Rom Rom and vice versa)
  • 2nd system ROM Format (format the partition of the 2nd Rom)
  • Install zip from Rom to 2nd internal SD (install zip from SD card inside)
  • Install zip from Rom to 2nd external SD (install zip from SD card external)
  • 2nd Rom Wipe data / cache (clear data and cache 2nd ROM)
  • Wipe dalvik-cache 2nd ROM (clear the cache of the 2nd apps Rom)
  • 2nd Rom Fix permissions (set permissions of the 2nd Rom)
  • 2nd Rom Backup (backup of the 2nd Rom)
  • Restore as 2nd ROM (restore as 2nd Rom)
  • 2nd Rom Backup to external SD (save the 2nd ROM on the external SD card)
  • Restore as 2nd Rom from external SD (restore as 2nd Rom from the external SD card)

Select ” Format Rom 2nd system ”

Select ” Wipe Rom 2nd data / cache ”

And finally ” install zip to 2nd ROM ”

Restart the phone …

You have installed the 2nd Dual Boot Rom 

Now you can choose to boot from the 1st or 2nd Rom:
You have three seconds to make your decision:
– For the 1st Rom: press volume up on the touch screen or wait 3 seconds.
– For 2nd Rom: press volume down or click Home.



Each flash or update the 1st Rom induced relocation of SiyahKernel.

Without here, you will not have access to the 2nd Rom.


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