MareQuest An Interactive Tail – All Endings

In this guide, I’ll detail the requirements needed to unlock one of the three possible endings in MareQuest: An Interactive Tale. Throughout my Steam Livestream, I gained crucial insight from a game tester, who helped me unearth these conditions.


MareQuest An Interactive Tail List of Endings

There are 3 possible endings in the game. These are:

The Good Ending The Neutral Ending The Bad Ending
The Good Ending The Neutral Ending The Bad Ending

Ending Conditions

To achieve a Good Ending in MareQuest: An Interactive Tale, you must complete the game with both friends by consistently selecting friendly dialogue options. Even if some choices lead to minor decreases in their happiness, maintaining positive relationships is relatively easy when consistently opting for amicable choices.

The Neutral Ending considered the most difficult path, requires losing one friend while retaining the other until the game’s conclusion. Once the first friend departs, the remaining friend’s happiness will quickly decrease, especially if they were already unhappy during the first friend’s exit.

The Bad Ending, regarded as the most heart-wrenching outcome, involves mistreating your friends and losing them all by the end of the game. This sombre conclusion can stir strong emotions as your friends progressively abandon you throughout the game.

For Neutral Ending

Witches can acquire the Mind Control perk, which allows them to take control of a nearby zombie for a short amount of time.

Invest in strengthening your friendship with someone who is already happy, since this will have a stronger positive effect than trying to improve the mood of somebody who’s down.

To keep a positive rapport with people throughout your tale, choose polite and considerate options whenever possible.

Neutral Ending Guide

I managed to secure the Neutral Ending and here’s an effective strategy to achieve it:

Start by keeping one friend—in my case, Pegasus—very happy, while allowing the other friend’s happiness level to drop significantly. This helps to quickly decrease happiness when it’s time to say goodbye. Select neutral dialogue options that don’t influence your friends’ happiness levels before reaching the game’s flashback segment. If you can, try to only increase the happiness of your cheerful friend without negatively impacting your other friend, such as through appropriate gift giving.

Upon reaching the beach or temple flashback, start reducing the happiness of your less content friend until they choose to leave. If done correctly, your happier friend’s contentment should only slightly decrease, allowing you enough time to manage the situation.

It’s also helpful to obtain the perk that resets your danger level after defeating a Shadow Horsies horde. Increase the happiness of your remaining friend by seeking positive interactions with other mares, thus extending their contentment.


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