Google: your smartphone will answer calls for you!

your smartphone will answer calls

In 2019 Google introduced a new call answering function with the main objective of ending spam and scams. All of this is done via Google Assistant with a few more functions in the mix and will do wonders when dealing with annoying calls. It may be the best invention ever since the wheel. I mean, you don’t have to go that far. But it will still leave our smartphone much quieter by the fact that it will answer calls for you.

Google: your smartphone will answer calls for you!

This calling feature was initially launched in Canada, Japan, and the United States and has been limited to these markets for the past two years. Now it will reach several countries in Europe.

It’s great news to have someone answering calls for us. Especially when it comes to those more annoying calls.

But after all, how does the system work?

Well first of all Google has to determine if it can be a spam call or not. For that, it analyzes our contact list and other elements.

If you find that this new system can be activated. In practice, you will answer the caller by voice. Ask the name and what you want. However, whatever the person on the other side says will be transcribed into text for us. That way we always know what’s going on. However, at any time we will be able to take the call. Kind of like it would be if we had an answering machine.

However, this feature also allows you to record calls.

this feature also allows you to record calls

Two separate options

There are two different ways to use it. An automatic suspicious call detection mode or a manual mode.

Automatic mode, for now, is available in English and the United States. So whoever is in Europe will only still be able to use the manual mode. In any case, this function is still very useful. The only thing we have to do is press a button for the smartphone to take the call for us, instead of automatically detecting whether to do it or not.

Two separate options

When we press that button, the assistant answers the call and will ask who is calling and why. If the other person answers, Google Assistant can still ask you other questions. If the call is urgent and even inform you that we cannot speak at this time. But there is more. You can even tell whoever is on the other side to remove our number from the database.

This system is fantastic and will take away a lot of headaches. It’s just that spam calls keep increasing.