Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Discord puts an expiration date on download links

Discord puts an expiration date

Social media giant Discord announces plans to implement temporary links for files. This cybersecurity measure aims to prevent attackers’ misuse of your content delivery network. Discord is one of the largest social media platforms around.

Over 200 million people use it, and it boasts over 1.5 million servers for users. The company uses a cloud-based content delivery network (CDN) to deliver files, which could make it an attractive target for attackers.

According to Discord, their CDN is a server infrastructure that provides users access to photos, videos, and files, but its misuse by criminals has been a persistent problem. So get ready because soon you’ll have just one day to share your download link before it’s disabled.

According to a report by BleepingComputer, Discord is rumored to implement temporary links for files. Users who frequently host files on Discord servers should find an alternative solution once this change is implemented.

After this change is implemented, any links that lead to files hosted on Discord servers will expire after 24 hours. The ability to share files using links will still be available, but they will be temporary links.

Discord is reportedly developing its approach to attaching CDN URLs (content delivery network) to the platform to create a more secure user experience.

As a result, our security team can restrict access to flagged content and reduce the amount of malware our CDN can distribute over a long period.

There are plans to introduce new security features to Discord’s CDN. For example, links will be signed with unique signatures, making it harder for attackers to spoof the Discord CDN and distribute malware via it. These measures will be implemented over the next few months to make it harder for attackers to spread malware from the Discord CDN.

In addition, the company promised to provide more information to developers so that they could prepare for the implementation of their authentication compliance checks. The company aims to complete this change by the end of the year and have its “authentication compliance” checks running at that time.

By moving to temporary files, Discord users can share files better and prevent malicious users from spreading malicious files using the Distributed Denial of Service. This will benefit both users and the security of the Discord platform.

If you share a link within the Discord client, it will act differently than if you share a link outside of the Discord client. If you host a file on Discord, the service will update the download link when the previous download link expires. You can access the file continuously for as long as you click on the file in Discord.

This change will ensure the security of community files and prevent the spread of malware download links on the Internet. It will prevent the automatic updating of links when the expiration date approaches.

If you use Discord to host files, you must look for a more suitable hosting provider. Moreover, Discord is not meant to serve as a file hosting service, so it cannot offer the same level of security and reliability as a specialized file hosting provider.

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