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Google Camera Mod For OnePlus 8 Works Without Root!

Google Camera Mod For OnePlus 8

Although there are some mods for the OnePlus camera circulating on the Internet, most only allow access to the main sensors. Is that if you want to have access to others you will have to root your smartphone, which may not be ideal for some users.


Fortunately, a very popular Google Camera mod created for the OnePlus 8 by a user called “Urnyx05” allows access to much more than the main sensor. This without needing root. It is true that we do not have access to all the lenses of the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro. It still represents good progress!

Google Camera mod for the OnePlus 8 works wonders without root!

The mod for OnePlus 8 created by Urnyx05 now allows access to the main sensor, the telephoto, and the ultra-wide-angle. The macro camera is still locked, unfortunately. The same happens with the OnePlus 8 Pro. It is possible to access the main, the telephoto, and the ultra-wide-angle. However, the sensor responsible for the color filter is not working.

For everything to go well you will need to give the application permission to access all lenses. Is that defect can access only the main ones. So to activate everything you are entitled to go to Settings> Advanced> Auxiliary camera in this alternative application. Then change the options “Telephoto” and “Large” to the “On” position. This gives you access to the three lenses.

You can get more information and download it here.

However and since we talk about this equipment we remember that OnePlus has already launched Android 11 Beta with OxygenOS.

This means that anyone with the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro can download and install the updated software on their devices. The release is part of the developer preview program.

However, although the software is available for download, this does not necessarily mean that you must do so. There are a number of notices that come with this version including the possibility to block a device on which the beta version is installed.

In addition, there are other problems that clearly reveal that this version is for developers who want to use Android 11. It is not for end-users to install on smartphones they use daily.

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