Google Camera 8.4.167 is now available on the Play Store!

Google Camera 8.4.167

Google can work wonders with photographs. Even on Pixels that have fewer sensors, compared to other devices, we get above-average results. The secret is in the hardware, but above all in the software. Algorithms are really powerful. By the way, the Google Camera 8.4.167 app was released and it’s worth updating. Of course, to take advantage of it you’ll have to get your hands on the new Google Pixel.

Google Camera 8.4.167 is now available on the Play Store!

This news was confirmed by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter and reveals that it comes with new features. It is possible to adjust the white balance manually and the same with the exposure. This can be very handy for some specific photographs. However, some performance improvements are also present. All these new features will fit very well in the new Pixel .

I remember that in the field of photography, Google’s new bet was entitled to a significant upgrade. Thus, the Pixel 6 abandoned the old 12.2 megapixels Sony IMX363 sensor and installed a 50 megapixel Samsung GN1. The main camera is joined by an ultra-angle 12 megapixel Sony IMX386 sensor. However, Google has added several tricks to the new Pixel to improve the photographic experience. We have for example the manual adjustment of white balance, the Magic Eraser, and a system that allows you to focus on the face.

At the moment this update doesn’t seem to be available for older Pixel devices. By the way, an XDA editor tried to load it into Pixel 4a, but the app crashed after a few seconds. However, with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro there should be no problems.

However, it is a matter of time until this app is modified and adapted to other equipment. Usually, there are always changes by programmers so that it becomes compatible with the vast majority of devices.