How to set up OnePlus Buds Z headphones on your mobile? Use the steps in this tutorial to learn how to pair, use and reset OnePlus Buds Z headphones.

Also, check out how to use the touch functions and how to tell if OnePlus Buds Z your battery level by checking the charging box indicator light colors. If you are having any kind of problem with the connection of the headphones, read some tips on how to solve it by going to the bottom of the page.

How to pair OnePlus Buds Z with your mobile?

Important! There is no need to put into pairing mode if the OnePlus Buds Z is being used for the first time.

Putting the headphones into pairing mode:

1. With the headphones still inside the charging case, open the cover and press and hold the back button for 2 seconds .

pair OnePlus Buds Z with your mobile

2. The charging case indicator led will flash white indicating that the Oneplus headphones are ready to be paired with the cell phone.

will flash white

Do not remove the headphones from inside the charging box yet and continue following the instructions below to complete the connection.

Pair on cell phones with Fast Pair:

Important! This procedure will only work on smartphones with Fast Pair technology. To connect to cell phones without this feature, follow the steps of the alternative “Connect without Fast Pair”.

1. Before you start, make sure your cell phone’s Bluetooth and location are turned on.

2. Open the charging box lid and put it into pairing mode. On the phone, a popup will appear at the top of the screen.

popup will appear at the top of the screen

3. Wait for the connection to finish and then tap “ Ok ” to complete. There, the headphones are already connected to your cell phone.

Connecting to mobiles without Fast Pair:

  • Open the loading box.
  • The box indicator light will blink white. If it doesn’t, put the headphones into pairing mode (instructions above).
  • Access your cell phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Look for “ OnePlus Buds Z ” in the list of available devices.
  • Tap the name of the headphones to start pairing.

How to use OnePlus Buds Z headphones?


  • To turn on the headphones, open the charging case cover.
  • To disconnect, place them inside the charging box and close the lid.

Make phone calls:

  • Tap twice to answer or hang up a call.
  • To reject a call, press and hold the handset for 5 seconds.

Play songs:

  • Double-tap the left or right earpiece to skip the track.
  • To pause a song, remove the headphones from your ear.

Note: When removing the earphones, music playback will be paused for up to 3 minutes.

Reconnect with another device:

  • With headphones turned on, tap and hold any headphones for 3 seconds to return to the last connected device.

Customizing touch controls:

  • Access your phone’s Bluetooth settings, tap the gear icon next to the name “Long’s OnePlus Buds Z”.
  • Tap “Double click left earphones” or “Double click right earphones.”
  • Select the desired action to be performed when double-clicking on the selected handset.

How do I know the battery percentage in the headphones and charging box?

Find out the battery charge level of your Oneplus Buds Z. Also find out the meaning of each color indicated on the LED.

On the phone:

  • On the phone, go to Bluetooth, tap the gear icon next to the name “Long’s OnePlus Buds Z”.
  • The charge level of the left and right earphones and charging box will be available right above the screen.

In the carrying case:

  • Place the headphones inside the charging box.
  • If the led turns green, it means that the battery level of the phone is above 20%.
  • If it turns red, the battery level should be less than the percentage quoted above.

Note: the percentage of the indicated level will be relative to the handset that has the least charge. To find out which one is undercharged, test them one at a time.

Carrying and carrying case status:

To find out how much charge the charging case holds, first remove the two earphones from inside the charging case and note the information below.

Disconnected from power supply:

  • Green LED: fully charged.
  • Red LED: needs to be recharged.

Connected to the power supply:

  • If the box indicator LED is always red, it means it is charging.
  • If it is green, the charging box is fully charged.

According to the manufacturer, the battery of Oneplus Buds Z earbuds lasts around 20 hours for music playback and around 3 hours for phone calls.

Problems solution

See how to solve most of the problems related to the functioning of OnePlus Buds Z headphones.

The headphones are turned off by themselves and won’t turn on even though the battery is charged.

This will happen every time the headphones do not reconnect for 10 minutes. To turn them back on, do the following:

  • Put them back in the charging box, close the lid, then open them so they are automatically reconnected.

Headphones do not reconnect even when removed from the case.

  • If that doesn’t happen, go to the cell phone’s Bluetooth configuration and connect them again.

None of the solutions solved the problem.

  • Do a factory reset and then pair the headphones again.
How to reset OnePlus Buds Z headphones?

Place the headphones inside the charging box and leave the lid open. m Then press and hold the box back button for 10 seconds. When the LED indicator flashes red, release the button.

How to reset OnePlus Buds Z headphones

With the headphones reset, they will automatically be ready to pair again. To do this, close the lid after performing the procedure and open it again, the LED will have to flash white.

How to update OnePlus Buds Z?

  • Pair the headphones on a OnePlus 6 phone or later. Go to Bluetooth & device connection, Connected devices, tap Settings (gear icon) located next to the headphones name. On this screen, activate the options “Auto-update firmware” and “Allow automatic updates using mobile data”.
Important! To ensure the headphones are fully updated. Remember to put them in the case, close the lid and wait at least 1 minute.


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