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Flash Party Codes

Battle Bonanza is a game for mobile devices. We can acquire valuable items, such as coins and chests, with Flash Party codes to strengthen our team and strategies.

New fighting game content is available for the updated version of Stardust Warrior with Flash Party codes. To become the best, players fight and eliminate other players from the stage, each with their style and appearance. Because Flash Party is available on PC, iOS, and Google devices, as well as other platforms, there’s plenty of cross-play with friends.

Flash Party Active Codes


How do I redeem Flash Party codes?

The first step in redeeming Flash Party Early Access codes is to select Redeem Code in the game settings. Once the gifts have been sent, they will appear in your email. We cannot confirm whether this will remain the same when the game is sold.

You can pre-register for Flash Party on Google Play (or add it to your Steam wishlist) to help it reach 100,000 pre-registrations. This will result in each player receiving 100 coins, a Lumi Chest, and an exclusive emote. As a result of these benefits, we see that codes can also reward us with coins or chests.


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