Updating our devices is essential in today’s fast-paced technology world. The “System Update Package Not Match” error may frustrate Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro users. Following this guide will ensure a seamless update process for optimal user experience.

Understanding the System Update Package Mismatch

Understanding the root cause of the problem is crucial before attempting a solution. It occurs when an update file is incompatible with the current operating system version of the device, resulting in the “System Update Package Does Not Match” error. A variety of reasons can cause this, including file corruption or interruptions.

Fixing a system update package that doesn’t match the phone

  • Your phone will be unbreakable, repairable, globally convertible, and fixed dead boot with EDL’s official firmware.

  • Download and install the Qualcomm 9008 USB driver

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  • Here is the link to download msmtool

  • Extract the program to the firmware images folder

  • Set the active slot to


  • Run the msmtool.exe program

  • Plug the device into the EDL Mod by clicking the ‘START’ button

Fixing a system update package that doesn't match the phone


Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro users can resolve the “System Update Package Not Matching” error by following these detailed repair steps. Smooth update processes are essential for optimizing seamless user experiences.

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