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Fix for Galaxy Watch not pairing with rooted device

The Galaxy Watch has been having problems pairing with rooted Android devices over the past couple of months, and there have been many reports from users that this has caused them to feel unsatisfied with their Samsung Galaxy Watch.

It is common for such problems to arise in rooted environments, but it is still important that they are addressed as soon as possible. We reviewed those reports but have not identified a common module that might have contributed to this problem.

Galaxy Watch not pairing with rooted device

After a thorough investigation, we eventually discovered that all those devices passed the SafetyNet test, which was very interesting. Having passed the SafetyNet test would seem to help streamline the process of pairing the watch into a rooted ecosystem, but how can that result in such an issue if it was supposed to make it easier to do? Let’s take a closer look at this.

Rooted Android Devices Cannot Pair With Galaxy Watch.

If you do not know, one of the steps required to pass the SafetyNet Test involves deleting the Google Play Services data. This is where your problem begins.


You will not be able to pair your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch with your phone until and unless you format data or factory reset your device and watch if you delete the data of Google Play Services. All models and variants of smartwatches are applicable, as well as all Android devices.

Fix for Galaxy Watch not pairing with rooted device | Monday, Feb 26 2024 10:05AM

Hence, if you are experiencing difficulties pairing your watch, you should carry out the tweak mentioned above to rectify the underlying problem. If you still have questions regarding the above-mentioned steps, please write them in the comments section. Our team will contact you as soon as possible with a solution.

UPDATE: Install Knox Patch

Additionally, if you own a Samsung phone, you are advised to flash the Knox Patch Module on your rooted device and the aforementioned tweak for a more thorough rooting experience.

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