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How To Find Out An Unknown Caller Number

Identifying a hidden number after a call from it can be accomplished in several ways. Before I explain the method, I would like you to understand what a hidden number is compared to an unknown number.

In the context of hidden or private numbers, we cannot obtain information about where the number is located or the numbers that make up the number, at least not regularly. An unknown number, on the other hand, is a number that is not saved in your phonebook despite being visible in your call log.

How To Find Out An Unknown Caller Number

After you have learned the difference between hidden and public numbers, let us explain how to identify a hidden number after you have been contacted by it. If you have this function on your Android phone, then follow these steps to activate it:

  • Navigate to the “Settings” section of the “Calls” app.

  • The “calls” section can be found there.

  • Select “Additional settings” and then “Caller ID“.

  • There will be three options available when you press the option in question, but you must select “Show number“.

Find Out An Unknown Caller Number


Alternatively, you can look in the settings panel for an option called “Hidden Numbers” if it does not appear in the calls section. This will allow you to find it more quickly.

If you receive a call from this type of number but do not have the function we show you, you can only find out who it is by answering the call, even though it may be a scammer, an advertising company, or spam.

Is it possible to track a Unknown Caller Number?

track a Unknown Caller Number

Many also wonder if there is a way to track a private or hidden number, but the truth is this is not possible. Although some apps claim to be able to do this, it cannot be done unless you know the number in question.

And what about unknown numbers?

We have already discussed identifying unknown numbers in the publication, but you can also use the Responderono website, which has a database fed by many users where you can search for a number.

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