Download the Google Pixel 4a Wallpapers

Google Pixel 4a

Every year Google tries to surprise us with new devices, but in such a large company or even volunteer to probe the ground, year after year these devices see the light before they are officially presented.

This is the case we talked about a couple of days ago with the arrival of the Chromecast with remote control, but also the new Google Pixel 4a, which has appeared on video along with its specifications. Well, someone has taken the trouble to reproduce the wallpaper of this Google Pixel and you can now download it.

Usually, the wallpapers are filtered thanks to having access to the device. In this case, someone searches for the most significant APK files, find the one that contains the wallpaper and extracts it or even tries to “port it” to other phones. In the case of the Google Pixel 4a, access to the phone has not even been necessary and someone has copied it simply by looking at it.

How to download the new wallpapers of the Google Pixel 4a?

To get these new wallpapers you just need to click on the Google Drive link published by its creator on Twitter. You

can find the original tweet below, which also shows what these wallpapers look like.


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