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Demonfall map with all key locations and trainers

There are many different Roblox games based on popular franchises. Some of them are quite simple and not very interesting, but there are also noteworthy titles like Demon fall.

This incredibly addictive RPG is based on the popular Demon Slayer anime. Here, you can become a demon slayer or choose the dark side and become a demon. Some players may even become something in between these two races. Demonfall has a pretty big map with various locations and NPCs, so read on for all the key locations and trainers. You can learn a lot about sword techniques if you read the Roblox Demon fall Breathing tier list.



Demonfall has a vast world. It has many different locations, and some can be very dangerous for certain races. Therefore, it is important to know all the key locations and trainers in the game in order.

The beginning of Demon fall is the same as in the original anime. You return home and see your entire family being killed by a demon, and players will have two options to choose from. You can either defeat the demon with your father’s old sword, or a demon kills you and you become one of them. This choice not only determines your race but also where you start playing.

If you join the demons, then after the tutorial, you will find yourself in the Demon Hideout, which is located in the south of the map. From there, you will be able to explore other lands and hunt demon hunters. But you should avoid the sunlight and the pink trees called wisteria; otherwise, you will die instantly.

If you defeat the demon, you will stay in your house and need head to Hayakawa Village, which is located southwest of Frosty Forest. You need to get there to get the breath quest and complete the final selection exam.

First, you will have to choose which breathing style you want to learn. In the game, 13 different trainers can teach you. They are scattered all over the map and to make it easier for you to find them, we have listed the locations of each of them below.



  • Kokushibo: This demon can teach you Moon Breathing. However, you will have to spend a lot of time as you will need to become a hybrid: half demon, half human. You can find Kokushibo on a mountain north of Frosty Forest. (He is marked in purple on the map).
  • Shinobu: She can teach you bug breathing. To learn it, she will have to pay 10,000 yen. You can find Shinobu on the roof of the tavern in the Slayer Corps (she is marked in light purple on the map).
  • Rengoku – He can teach you Flame Breathing. To learn it, he must complete some simple tasks. And to find Rengoku, you have to climb to the top of the White Peak (It is marked in orange on the map).
  • Inosuke: He can teach you the breath of beasts. To learn it, you have to farm some resources for it. You can find Inosuke southwest of the Slayer Corps in a small town (it’s marked in arctic color on the map).
  • Gyomei – He can teach you Stone Breathing. To learn it, you need to bring him a certain amount of resources and money. You can find it northwest of the Coastal Forest at the top of a waterfall (It is marked with a red square on the map).
  • Grimm – He can teach you to breathe wind. To learn, you need to complete various tasks for him. You can find Grimm in Okuyia Village (it is marked in lime color on the map).
  • Urokodaki: can teach you water breathing. To learn, you need to complete various complex tasks. And you can find Urokodaki in the north shore forest (it is marked in blue color on the map).
  • Tengen Uzui – can teach you sound breathing. To learn it, you will also have to complete various tasks. You can find Tengen Uzui in the Slayer Corps area. (He is marked in amber-orange color on the map).
  • Kujima: He can teach you the thundering breath. To do this, you need to complete various tasks for him. And you can find Kujima in the house next to the wisteria tree in the Coastal Forest. (He is marked in yellow on the map).
  • Tanjiro: He can teach you solar breathing. To do this, you must meet certain conditions. And you can find Tanjiro near the Coastal Forest (it is marked in a reddish-brown color on the map).
  • Mitsuri Kanroji: She can teach you the breath of love. In order to learn it, she must complete various tasks. You can find her on White Peak, a bit lower than Rengoku.
  • Iguro – He can teach you snake breath. To learn, he must complete the same tasks as for Love Breathing. You can find it on a nearby ledge from the Mitsuri location.



Now that you know where to find each trainer in Demonfall, you can continue your adventure as a demon hunter. You need to complete the Final Selection exam. To do this, head west to the wisteria forest. And when you pass the exam, you can start your adventure as a real demon hunter. Here’s more information on some key locations in Demonfall:

  • Slayer Corps – This is a demon slayer base located in the northern part of the map. You can appear in it after passing the final selection exam.
  • Demon Hideouts: Demon Hunters should not enter these unless they want to die quickly.
  • Frosty Forest – This is a large area where you can complete many different quests; Be careful though, as you may run into players from any faction there.
  • Hayakawa Village – This is one of three villages and the first one players enter at the start of the game. It has some useful merchants like a clothing store, soup shop, and more.
  • Okuyia Village: This is the largest village in the game, similar to Hayakawa Village.
  • Glattony Tavern – This is one of the shops where you can buy supplies or information. The store is located in Okuyia Village.
  • Sakura Passage – This is a large area that you need to pass through to get to the final selection exam. Several wisteria trees grow on it, so we do not recommend that demons walk in this place.
  • Okuyia Cavern: It is a place where you can find many demonic NPCs.

That’s everything you need to know about all the key locations and trainers in Demonfall. The developers often update the game and add new content, so it’s helpful to check our guide to finding important trainers or locations from time to time.

We have also collected all the Demonfall codes, and new ones will be added as soon as they are released by the developer. If you are a fan of the genre, you should also check out other Roblox fighting games!

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