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Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) – T285 CUSTOM ROM

A6 LTE 2016 - T285 CUSTOM ROM

Using Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 2016 today, I will share this custom ROM. I am sure many of you will like it with this 6.0 ROM, but we also have a handy feature for you. Using an external memory card as the device’s internal memory sounds very good. Let’s get to work.

How To Install Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) OmniROM

ROM information:

Name: OmniROM
Supported devices: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016)
Device code: A6 T285
OS version: Android 6.0.1
ROM type: Pure Google non-customizable
Language: Vietnamese / Multi-language
Kernel language: Linux 3.10.X
ROM Size: 478.83MB
Size Gapps: 139.29MB


How To Install GALAXY TAB A6 LTE 2016 – T285 CUSTOM ROM  Based on Android 6.0

  1. Go to Settings >> Device Info >> Build Number (Click seven times on it) >> Exit.
  2. Go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Enable OEM Lock and USB Debug.
  3. Turn off the power and wait for 3s ,and then hold down 3threekeys at the same time ( Volume down > Power > Home )
  4. Until the blue screen appears, press the ( Volume Up) key to enter Download Mode.
  5. Install the downloaded driver on your computer.
  6. Download three files are: ROM files Omni.” “.tar and Open Gapps.Zip and TWRP to your computer.
  7. Extract the Odin file downloaded above and run the Odin.exe file.
  8. On Odin, select the AP area to the TWRP ROM fileBan the cable to connect the computer and Tab, and tress the Start key to start the installation. (loading TWRP is the main thing to unlock the custom ROM installer, then continue to enter Download Mode again.
  9. On Odin, select in the AP area the Omni.tar ROM file.
  10. Ban the cable to connect the computer and Tab, and tress the Start key to start the installation ROM.
  11. After the installation, the device will reboot; now press and hold three keys simultaneously ( Volume Down > Power > Home ) when the machine just tur. f the screen turns up, press and hold 3 keys ( Volume Up > Power > Hom. When, go to TWRP recovery.
  12. Once in TWRP recovery,c, lick Wipe, choose Format D, enter the command YES spot, kick on the keyboard, and click Next Reboot System.
  13. Rebooting takes about 10 minutes.
  14. After the device is up, there will be no Google Play; you return to Recovery by turning off the power and immediately holding down 3threekeys ( Volume Up > Power > Home ) will go to Recovery TWRP, copy the file and then select Install to select the file. skip installing,
  15. After installing Gapps, click Reboot System and the process is finished and enjoy


  1. insert the memory card into the tablet
  2. There is a message on the screen to insert a memory card
  3. Pull down the notification bar
  4. Select the notification that the memory card is inserted
  5. Select as INTERNAL storage and press format.


After successfully formatting the memory card is officially selected as the system storage. All existing data in the memory c, ard will be lost completely, so it is best to back up the computer first. And remember to choose a memory card with as high a capacity as possible.

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