Android 10 For Xiaomi Mi 6

The latest release in chronological order of Android has now landed on almost all devices. Although it delayed a little bit due to missing media, after a few months, a large part of the Xiaomi devices has finally been able to enjoy the updated OS.

This goes for relatively new smartphones, though. The same cannot be said of the older devices like Xiaomi Mi 6: the past glory that is counted among the most loved smartphones of the brand has absolutely not been able to enjoy the official support for Android 10.

There is no desperation, however, since Evolution X 4.4 manages to bring the release to this terminal.

Thanks to the custom Evolution X 4.4 ROM, our Xiaomi Mi 6 will no longer be just an “old companion.”

Together with the Xiaomi Mi 5, the Mi 6 is known as one of the best mobile devices in terms of measurements and ergonomics thanks to its 5.15 ″ display. With him, only the competitor iPhone 5 could enjoy the same fame, always for the same reason.

We know, however, that when a device becomes too obsolete, it can only count on unofficial support, provided that some group of developers commits to it. This is the case since Evolution X 4.4 manages to bring Android 10 to the device.

We don’t hear very often about this custom ROM, but in reality, its interface we might know it well. In fact, it is very close to that of Google’s Pixel devices. The basis is that, and for this reason, it is highly appreciated in the environment.

Among the new features, we can enjoy thanks to Android ten we mention: quick responsesnavigation through gestures that allows you to move from one screen to another via swipes, the dark theme through which we can rest your eyes a bit and also save battery on AMOLED smartphones, the possibility to share data only when the application used is opened, and much more.

Below is the link for Recovery, remembering that you need to unlock the bootloader and flash the ROM in order to use it. A backup is highly recommended before proceeding.

Download Android 10 with Evolution X 4.4 for Xiaomi Mi 6 | Recovery