How To Unlock Phone With Xiaomi Mi Band

Unlock Phone With Xiaomi Mi Band

Among the most purchased and appreciated low-end technological devices there is certainly the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which with a simple purchase of about € 30 offers dozens of useful functions for any user.

One of these is the ability to unlock the phone connected via Bluetooth, without necessarily having to manually enter the lock screen code. So let’s see immediately how to use it.


Before we start, let’s see what it will take to configure the aforementioned function. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, everything seems to work only with Android smartphones, for this reason, if you have a device equipped with the Google operating system, we invite you to download the free application “Mi Fit”, essential for the continuation of the guide, by clicking on this link.

We also remind you that the next procedure will only work with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which must be correctly connected to the Android device after the initial configuration with the newly downloaded app. In the event that there are problems with the pairing, we advise you to check that the Bluetooth and geolocation settings of the phone are active.

Activate the option to unlock the phone with the Xiaomi Mi Band

Once the configuration is complete, you can continue without any hitch with the activation of the option that will allow you to unlock the Android phone with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

  • Open the “Mi Fit” app
  • Access the profile menu by clicking on the icon at the bottom right
  • Click on the icon of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to be used
  • Continue with “Unlock screen” and immediately after with “Set unlock via Bluetooth”
  • Confirm activation on both the smartphone and the Mi Band

From this moment on, the smartphone will automatically unlock when it detects the Mi Band in the surrounding area. Obviously, to work, the bracelet must be connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth.

The option cannot also be activated if an unlock PIN is not configured on the smartphone and will be automatically deactivated when the aforementioned PIN is removed.

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