Saturday , September 18 2021

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Gboard blobmojis: what are they and how to use them in your chats

Gboard blobmojis

Gboard is one of the best keyboards for Android. Why do we say it? Well, because Google does not neglect this app and always includes great news in it. However, the big G also knows how to revive the older functions of its keyboard. And that’s what Google has done recently by bringing Blobmojis back …

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How to take a screenshot on Chromebook

Taking a screenshot on our devices is often an indispensable necessity represented by various reasons, which are to keep a particular screen or a frame of a video. In this guide, we will tell you how to do it on Chromebooks, the laptops produced by the Mountain View company.   …

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How to recover deleted files on Samsung mobiles

At any time it can happen that we accidentally delete a file, image, or video that really mattered to us. Over the years, mobile manufacturers have been adding different features, not only to their terminals but to their customization layers so that we can recover those deleted items without having …

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How to enable or disable the Amazon Sidewalk network

Amazon is about to introduce a new type of network called Sidewalk, which is aimed at extending the reach of these through the use of a low-frequency band, also making the tracking devices more efficient.   As Amazon had stated in the announcement, Sidewalk will use the Bluetooth Low Energy …

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How to improve the quality of photos

Many times we are surfing the networks or the Internet with our phone and we find fascinating photos and landscapes. This leads us to think that you have to be a professional photographer to achieve these results, as well as having exorbitant price cameras. However, the truth is that most …

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Google Chrome adds screenshot and editing tools

While all apps try to take advantage of functions present in the Android operating system, such as opening a link in the browser or playing a video in the app you usually use, Google Chrome today added a new option that duplicates a pre-existing one, screenshots. Keep reading to find …

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