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Petal Search widget to your Huawei home screen

How to add the Petal Search widget to your Huawei home screen

The Petal Search is available for users in Portugal for several months as an Alternative Huawei Google app. a search engine with which we can do any research or read the news that interests us, in the purest Google Discover style. The Huawei application also allows...
hard reset Xiaomi Mi 11

How to hard reset Xiaomi Mi 11 [Wipe Data/ Factory Reset]

See in this tutorial how to format your Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone to erase all data and remove password lock. Learn how to reset your Xiaomi Mi 11 off or on. Select below the...
configure Huawei Band 6

How to pair Huawei Band 6 with mobile

Learn how to configure Huawei Band 6 on your mobile. To connect Huawei's new smart bracelet, you will have to use the official app to establish a pairing between the two devices. After you connect your smartband to...
Windows Update Fails

How to Fix Error 0x80070005 – Windows Update Fails

If you bought a computer or notebook and when trying to upgrade to Windows 11 or 10 gave the error 0x80070005 “Windows upgrade failed”, see how to fix it. It is important to remember that...

How to configure the OnePlus Buds Z headphones

How to set up OnePlus Buds Z headphones on your mobile? Use the steps in this tutorial to learn how to pair, use and reset OnePlus Buds Z headphones. Also, check out how to use the...
hard reset Galaxy A12

How to hard reset Galaxy A12 [Wipe Data/ Factory Reset]

How to format Samsung Galaxy A12? In this tutorial, you will find 3 methods to format your phone. You can reset the phone with Off using the buttons, On from the lock screen, or by going to Settings, however,...