Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp With SPD Flash Tool [SC7731 Android 8.1]
There are different ways to Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp protection and Google accounts for different Android phones. Depending on the operating system and the version of the Android version on the phone. The good thing is that you don’t need any paid box such as miracle box, UMT, Miracle, CM2

And also depending on the processor carried by the phone, whether Media, Qualcomm or SPD. There is more than one way to bypass Google accounts and remove protection for Android phones and mobiles.

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Either using different software packages that support MTK, SPD, QLM. Such as NCS, Miracle, CMX, UMT and other tools and donuts
Or you can bypass protection and remove Google accounts for Android phones without boxes in some phones.

We can access the browser Then we install the Google Messenger app for the Android version on your phone
Install the quick shortcut maker apk application and the rest of the steps you will definitely learn.

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We can also remove Google accounts for Android phones for free and without POSs software
Using one of the free tools or using one of the free files suitable for the phone and the processor that is running
In this regard, we will provide an experience to remove the FRP protection and delete the Google Account

Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp With SPD Flash Tool [SC7731 Android 8.1]



Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp

Pre-requirements to Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp With SPD Flash Tool:

  • Supported Phone: Lava iris 51
  • Charge your mobile: You may no less than a half charge.
  • Laptop or PC: To execute this installation, you must use a PC or Laptop.

Take Lava iris 51 Backup:

Lava iris 51 Flashing Tool And Drivers:


  • Please read and understand the full guide.
  • Use these instructions at your own risk.
  • We will not be responsible for everything that happens to you or your device, resulting from the use of information in this guide.
  • Make sure that the USB drivers for your device are installed on the computer.
  • Your smartphone must have a 70–80% charge.

Bin Packet load Error Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp: If you ever got Bin Packet Error then simply download and try flashing the firmware with this version of SPD Upgrade Tool.

How to Write IMEI After Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp:  you may need to flash the IMEI also, for that use WriteIMEI on Spreadtrum Devices.

Instructions to Bypass Lava iris 51 Frp:

  1. Install Spreadtrum Drivers.
  2. Install the SPD Download Tool.
  3. Open the Research download tool > bin folder.
  4. Launch ResearchDownload.exe.
  5. Click on the Load Packet icon (top left corner).
  6. In the window that pops up, navigate to the location of the Lava iris 51 Firmware.pac file, select it then click Open.
  7. The PAC file should now be loaded (its name should appear at the top).
  8. Click the Settings Icon (top left corner).
  9. In the box that pops up, untick any item(s) you do not wish to flash then click OK. Ignore this step if you wish to flash all files.
  10. Click the Start downloading button.
  11. You should see Waiting…. under the Progress bar.
  12. Switch off the phone (still with battery inside) then connect it to the PC via USB cord (note that you might need to hold the volume decrease button while connecting to PC on some phones) and flashing should begin. DO NOT interrupt.
  13. Once flashing is complete, you’ll see Passed.
  14. Click on the Stop downloading icon then disconnect the phone from PC and boot.

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