5 ways to turn on Onn TV without a remote

turn on Onn TV without a remote

You may have trouble locating the remote control for your television. You may also have the chance of destroying or damaging your remote. Whenever you experience such an event, it is natural to search the internet or visit your local store for a replacement remote. However, it is sometimes difficult to locate and order a replacement remote. Just because you do not have a remote control does not mean you cannot use your television.

Onn smart TVs can be turned on without the remote by following a few simple methods. This guide explains how to turn on an Onn smart TV without using a remote. Whether you use the Roku Onn TV or a basic television, the methods discussed here will work just as well for you. Let’s get started.

Turn On Onn Smart TV Without Remote

The following methods will help you enjoy your Onn TV even if your Remote is not working or missing.

Use Onn TV with Physical Buttons

In most TVs, whether they are smart or not, there are usually several physical buttons either on the front panel or on the back panel on the left or right side. A Roku TV is a standard Onn TV, so you can use these buttons to power up your Onn TV without a remote control. They are present both on the Roku and on the standard Onn TVs.


Control Roku Onn TV via the Roku App

It is also possible to control your Roku Onn TV using the Roku app if you do not have access to a remote control. Onn Roku TVs cannot be controlled via the Roku app. They can be activated by pushing a physical button, followed by controlling it with the Roku app. You can control your Onn Roku TV with your phone or Android using this guide.

Control Roku Onn TV via Roku App

  • You can download the Roku app for Android or iOS devices for free.

  • Switch on your Roku TV by pressing the power button on its panel.

  • Make sure that your Onn Roku TV and your mobile phone are connected to the same WiFi network.

  • The app is available for Android and iOS devices. You will need to sign in using the same Roku account you use for your Onn TV.

  • Tap on Remote after selecting Onn Roku TV from the devices list.

  • Now, the app will display buttons similar to those found on your Roku TV remote.

Switch On your Onn TV via IR Blaster

IR blasters can be found built into many older Android devices. The Remote Control app on the Play Store can be downloaded if you have an Android device that has one.

Once you have set the Roku Onn Smart TV up, you can use your phone to turn it on and off. It might take a while to get it set up, but once you do, you can control one easily.

Turn on Onn TV via Nintendo Switch

With the Nintendo Switch, you can power up your Onn TV via an HDMI connection provided you have the TV dock for the handheld device. Please follow these steps if you have the TV dock for the Nintendo Switch.

  • To open the Home menu, turn on your Nintendo Switch and press the button.

  • Go to the Home menu and select System Settings.

  • Now select the option titled Match TV Power State from the TV Settings menu.

  • As long as your Nintendo Switch is plugged into the dock connected to the HDMI input on the TV, your Onn TV will turn on whenever you power it up.

  • The Nintendo Switch Lite is not compatible with this feature, as it only works with the Nintendo Switch and its OLED version.

Turn on Onn TV via Play Station 4

If you do not want to use a PS4 to turn on your Onn smart TV, then you can also use a Play Station 4. You simply connect your Play Station 4 to your Onn smart TV via HDMI cable and then follow the steps below to use the PS4 as the remote to turn the TV on.

Turn on Onn TV via Play Station 4

  1. Select Settings from the Home screen of your Play Station 4.

  2. Choose System from the menu.

  3. It will be possible to enable HDMI Device Link by checking the Enable HDMI Device Link box.

  4. The checkbox should be selected.

  5. As long as the HDMI cable is connected between your Play Station 4 and your TV, the Onn TV will also turn on when your Play Station 4 is turned on.

You have now finished learning how you can turn on your Onn TV without using the TV remote, thereby concluding the multiple ways you can accomplish this. There is a universal remote that you can use if you are unable to find a replacement remote for your Onn TV, and it will require you to enter a code to pair the remote to your TV.

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