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[Stock Rom] LG G4 H810PR Kdz

[Stock Rom] LG G4 H810PR Kdz

How To Unbrick LG G4 H810PR Stock Rom With Kdz :-

1. Extract the file “LG Flash Tool” and run the file “LG Flash Tool 2014.exe” as administrator.

2. turn on Download Mode  . Turn off your phone.   Hold “Volume +” and connect to the PC via USB Or Hold “Volume + and Volume –   at the same time.

3  Your window have to be like this.


After making the settings shown above, press the folder icon with an arrow and select your downloaded .kdz


5.Now click “CSE Flash”


6 . Press “START” in the window displayed. 7. Let the new window “Select Country & Language” that way and click “OK”

Wait until 100% to complete !

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