Wordle game

Have you also joined the Wordle fever? Don’t worry, we did too. This fun game that tests your vocabulary and that was recently released in Spanish has become very popular in recent days and everything seems to indicate that it will be the Among Us of 2022.

The goal of this game is simple: you have to guess a 5-letter word. But it is not as simple as it seems. In Wordle, you only have 6 attempts to achieve it and also, if you don’t guess it, you will have to wait until the next day. Why? Well, because in this game there is only one daily word to discover, and it is the same for all players. This formula has made the game go viral on social networks, so if you want to show your followers that you are the best in Wordle, here we bring you the 10 best tricks to win.


10 tricks to be the best in Wordle

The popularity that Wordle has reached in the few days that we have been in 2022 has caused a large number of copies of this game to begin to appear in the Google Play Store. But as you probably already know, there is no official Wordle app, as Wordle can only be played on its website.

Well, if you’ve just started playing Wordle and you still can’t guess a good number of words, here we bring you a series of tricks with which you’ll have more chances of winning and so you can show off your victories on social networks.

Don’t waste the first word

best in Wordle

The first attempt is always the most important, so you should not waste it. In Spanish, the vast majority of words with 5 letters are built with two vowels out of the five existing ones. So we recommend that you try to guess the vowels in the word on your first try.

Considering that one of the rules of the game is that you can only put real words in each of your guesses, you cannot do the “AEIOU” trick. But there are five-letter words that have at least three vowels , for example “care”, “old”, “trip”, “success”, “heard”, “widower”, “poet”, among others. You can even use the word «air» with which you will already be testing up to four vowels. Using one of these words on your first try, you will surely guess which vowels are part of the hidden word.

The second attempt is to discover the consonants

discover the consonants

Once you know which are the vowels that the word you want to guess has, the next thing is to know which are the consonants that make it up. Now, it is more difficult to guess the consonants than the vowels. This is because there are 22 consonants in Spanish, and remember that you only have six attempts.

The first thing you have to consider is that on your second attempt you must use a word that has different consonants than the word you already used. It is also recommended that you try words that have as many consonants as possible, for example: “clubs” “rugby” “chefs” or any of the many words that have at least three of these types of letters.

Play it safe, bet on the most popular lyrics

Play it safe

This game may seem impossible to win since you only have six attempts to guess one of the more than 10,000 words with five letters that exist according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. But if you think about it, many of these words have letters in common. Despite the fact that the alphabet has 27 letters, only two of these appear in more than 10% of the words: «A» and «E». Another important fact is that “S”, “R”, “N”, “D”, “L”, and “C” are the most used consonants. Therefore, we recommend that in at least one of your attempts you put words that have any of these letters since they are the most used in Spanish.

Avoid repeating the gray color

gray color

The rules of this game are very basic: if a letter turns green it is because we have guessed its position in the word, if it turns yellow it is because it is there, but we have not found its place. Finally, the gray color indicates that this letter does not exist in the word. For this reason, we suggest that in your next attempts you do not write a word that contains letters that the game has already painted gray for you.

The yellow color is good, don’t just try to find the green squares

One of the most common mistakes many Wordle players make is trying hard to paint the letters green. For example, if in one of your attempts you guessed a letter, but it turned yellow, it means that it is in the word, just not in the correct position. Well, if on your next attempt you only try to guess its proper position and neglect to find the rest of the letters, you will probably lose all your available attempts by focusing only on that letter.

For this reason, we advise you to celebrate both the green and yellow squares. Both boxes mean that you found a letter, and regardless of whether it is in the correct position or not, the important thing is to continue finding other letters that allow you to be closer to the word you are looking for.

In your first attempts, use words with a variety of letters

words with a variety of letters

It’s no use spending your first attempt at Wordle with a word like “spider” or “bear” since with these types of words the same letter is repeated up to three times, which significantly reduces your chances of guessing the ones that make up the searched word.

For this reason, in your first attempts, you should use words in which no letter is repeated, for example, «troop», «rent», «strawberry», «candy», «book» or «jester». If you think about it, there are many words made up of different letters, so try to avoid falling into the classic “houses” or “masses” that will not help you win.

The third attempt is crucial, don’t waste it!

Following the advice that we have already given you, you most likely already know some of the vowels and consonants that are found in the word that you have to guess. Therefore, your third attempt must be good, with it you have to win or at least guess other letters.

When you find yourself on your third attempt, we recommend that you be patient. Remember that you can only play Wordle once a day, so you don’t have to rush to choose the word. If you already have at least one vowel and one pair of consonants, you should think of as many configurations as possible to form the winning word. And although it may not seem like it, the answers are usually simple and common words.

Did you run out of words? Find a dictionary

Find a dictionary

If you have already run out of ideas and do not know what word to choose on your next attempt, then you only have one option: use a dictionary. But don’t worry, you shouldn’t look for that heavy book full of dust that you surely have in some corner of your library. On the Internet, you can find a huge variety of dictionaries that have very useful search functions to play Wordle.

One of the ones we recommend is the WordsFox dictionary, which although it was initially created to help Scrabble players, is also useful for this game. When entering this website you will find an option where you only have to enter the letters that you already know are in the word and then press Find. In this way, the dictionary will show you in a section the five-letter words that contain the letters you searched for.

Did you lose? Try again in incognito mode

As Wordle’s slogan “a daily word game” says, this is a game you can only play once a day. That is, if you make your six attempts and lose, you will no longer have the opportunity to guess the word for that day and you will have to wait until the next day. But… Is there a way to try again the same day you lost? Well yes, and for this, all you have to do is open the game in incognito mode from your browser.

The last resort: search for the word on social networks

In case you’ve tried everything and still haven’t been able to guess your first word for several days, one last trick you can try (although not very honorable) is to look for the answer on social networks. Both on Twitter and Facebook there are many people who publish the word of the day after guessing it, you just have to search for the hashtag #wordle to find it.

With these 10 tricks that we have brought you, you will surely become the best Wordle player.