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The 5 best animated wallpapers for Christmas

 fondo navidad

For these dates, it is important that we feel in a Christmas atmosphere, and there is no better way than to do it with our relatives, and our mobile. Today, there are many applications and backgrounds that can get us into the Christmas mood.

So there are also animated backgrounds that are great fondo navidad, and that will undoubtedly make us feel at ease while the month of December passes. If you want to know what they are, then we will show you the 5 best-animated backgrounds for Christmas.

Christmas HD

It is one of the best for its 3D graphic quality and with handmade illustrations. Without a doubt, it is unique because in this application we can customize each scene and object that is in the animated backgrounds. It is a comfortable house with a fireplace where we can place even the photo we want on the shelf.

Christmas HD

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Do you like the snow? Then this is perfect for you. It is an application that contains many animated backgrounds of forests filled with snow. We simply have to choose the one we like the most, and snow will start to rain on our screen.

Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper

Christmas skating rink

It is a very vivid animated background made with cartoons. We will have different scenarios, and we will be able to see the people passing by the ice rink with their happy faces thanks to Christmas.

Christmas live wallpaper

It’s time to mount the Christmas tree on your mobile. In this animated background, we will have several options to choose different trees, and these will rotate each time we slide the screen sideways. It is simple, but very nice, and also eye-catching.

Free Christmas Wallpapers

Like the previous one, it is also a large tree, only it does not rotate in the same way, but it has excellent animations. The large number of lights moving and shaping the Christmas tree is striking.

It should be noted that in addition to that, the fund also counts how many days until Christmas arrives. So if you already want to see Santa, this is the best way to stay tuned until the good night.

Free Christmas Wallpapers

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