Upcoming Releases - September 2020


2020 flies by and summer only has a few weeks left, however, that does not mean there are no things to do. If you’ve had enough of going to the beach with your friends, then why not make plans at home? 

Turn on your TV and settle on the couch, because Netflix brings a ton of new releases for September 2020 that will keep you very busy. Do you want to discover them?

Netflix arrives loaded with news, these are all the movies that will premiere in September 2020

Like every month, the platform will expand its content catalog a little more, because remember, Netflix wants you to always have something new to watch. For September Netflix will premiere in Spain a total of 22 films on its service, and there are for all kinds of tastes from suspense to animation.

One of the most attractive novelties of the month is Freaks, a very curious German “superhero” movieWhy? 

Because it’s not the classic Marvel or DC adventure. Freaks tell the story of how a cook discovers that she has hidden superpowers and that many other people do, but a conspiracy seeks to hide the truth.

And speaking of strange things, another highly anticipated movie on Netflix for September is The Devil at All Hours. This film follows the (not chronological) story of a series of people who were disturbed by the Second World War.

Through 138 minutes you will learn how the war conflict impacted very different people but with the same problem, many mental disorders.

But hey, these are just two movies out of all there will be, so here we leave you the complete list along with their release date:

  • Double Betrayal, released on September 1.
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, released on September 1.
  • Number 9, premiere on September 1.
  • Broken Silence, released on September 1.
  • Arrival, premiere on September 1.
  • The Curse of Chucky was released on September 1.
  • Cable: Disaster Calls, premiere September 1.
  • Dudley of the Mountain, released September 1.
  • Boss Baby: Catch the Baby !, released on September 1.
  • Welcome to yesterday, premiere on September 1.
  • A decisive paradise, premiere on September 1.
  • From your window to mine, premiere on September 1.
  • Don’t be afraid, premiere on September 1.
  • Vera: Friendship Day, premiere on September 1.
  • Freaks, released September 2.
  • Enola Holmes, released on September 3.
  • I think about the end, premiere on September 4.
  • What the Octopus Taught Me, premiere on September 7.
  • A star is born, premiere on September 8.
  • Crazy Heart, September 9.
  • Grapes, premiere on September 9.
  • Pets Together, released Sept. 11.

The series is also premiering on Netflix for September 2020

By September Netflix will premiere 19 series on its platform, some new and others through new episodes. Which ones stand out? Several, but mainly Away, a science fiction drama that follows the story of astronaut Emma Green (Hilary Swank) on a mission that forces her to separate from her family for three years.

Don’t you like dragons? Then you may go to reality shows, Netflix’s other great strategy to keep you glued to the TV.

For September the platform launches several, but the most anticipated are Top Chef USA and The Kardashian. This is the list of all the series that Netflix will premiere in September 2020:

  • Baby, third season, premiere on September 1.
  • Archer, season 10, premieres September 1.
  • Borgen, season four, premiere on September 1.
  • Top Chef USA, third season, premiere on September 1.
  • Bayblade, season one, released September 1.
  • Stein; Gate 0, first season, premiere September 1.
  • The Kardashians, all seasons, premiere on September 1.
  • Chef’s Table: Barbecue, Season 1, Premiere September 2.
  • Young Wallander, season one, premiered September 3.
  • Away, the first season, premiere on September 4.
  • Memories of Idhún, first season, premiere on September 10.
  • Julie and the phantoms, first season, premiere on September 10.
  • Family Business, season two, premiered on September 11.
  • The Marchioness, first season, premiere on September 11.
  • Dragon’s Dogma, first season, premieres September 17.
  • The last word, first season, premiere on September 17.
  • Rachel, first season, released September 18.
  • Jurassic Park: Cretaceous Camp, Season One, Premiere September 18.
  • Ratched, season one, released September 18.

Netflix premieres a couple of documentaries for September 2020

Another story format that has become very popular on Netflix lately is documentaries. The users of the platform are very thirsty for knowledge and curiosity, which is why Netflix rewards them every month.

For September there will only be a couple of new documentaries, but they are there, they are a premiere and you have to list them, right ?:

  • Obama, released on September 1.
  • The line: the shadow of Narco, premiere on September 9.

What’s your most anticipated premiere on Netflix for September 2020?