HTC Butterfly 3 Stock Firmware OTA Updates

HTC Butterfly 3 Stock Firmware OTA Updates


HTC Butterfly 3 Stock Firmware OTA Updates

Flash through Fastboot.

1: download the firmware you fit their machine parameters and rename the new file to download to, then copy it back to the Fastboot folder on the C drive of your computer.

2: Turn CMD -> type cd c: \ fastboot, and put the phone in bootloader → Connect the phone to the computer, ensuring USB Fastboot red line currently offline.

3: For S-ON machine must relock Bootloader Light: fastboot OEM lock → Enter

(The machine will restart, go back Bootloader check relock it was not if OK then continue)

– Step 4: Put the computer to the flash mode Ruu: fastboot OEM reboot RUU → Enter

(HTC ONE will show white HTC logo)

5: Flash Firmware 1st: fastboot flash zip → Enter

6: Flash Firmware 2nd: fastboot flash zip → Enter

(Wait for it to run for about 1 minute, press Finish Fastboot screen on your phone but still running then you just let it be. Use the Power button to reset the phone always is.)

Method 2: Flash by Hboot in Bootloader

1: relock Bootloader.

2: Rename the Firmware File 0PL2IMG.Zip (0 here is 0) then copy it to the memory card.

3: Launch into Bootloader machine will automatically load selected Hboot 0PL2IMG file .zip (to the loading bar top right corner of the screen)

4: when the flash is complete the machine will reset.


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