How to download GBA4iOS games on iPhone with iOS 12: Pokemon, Mario, etc.

giocare su iphone 1
giocare su iphone 1

If you are also a fan of retro games and have downloaded the GBA4iOS app on your iPhone using our iOS 12 guide, you will now surely want to know how to download GBA4iOS games to use the best games like Pokemon , The Legend Of Zelda , Metroid , Mario , Fire Emblem on your iPhone with iOS 12 . Here then we have prepared this guide that goes to close the circle on the GBA4iOS world that still arouses so much interest on the young and not so young.

Download GBA4iOS games on iPhone

If you thought that Apple’s latest operating system would not allow you to use this method to play with your new iPhone, you are wrong. Continue reading and you will find out how easy it is to download GBA4iOS games after installing the app for iOS 12.

Guide to install game ROMs on iPhone

Step 1
Once you have successfully installed the GBA4iOS app on the iOS device, start it. If you have not yet installed the app, follow our guide from the next link.

Open GBA4iOS on iPhone 1

Step 2
After opening the app, tap the search button in the upper right corner.

Tap on Search in GBA4iOS on iPhone 1

Step 3
Next, choose the game series to find the ROM. Currently, there are 11 options available. (The developer says that GBA ROMs will come soon).
If you want to download more ROMs, search on Google. In this guide, we will see how to download the Pokemon ROM. To download another favorite game, the process is very similar.

Tap on ROM of Games in GBA4iOS on iPhone 1

Step 4
The next step is to select your favorite version of the game → to tap the Download button.

Download Retro Game using GBA4iOS on iPhone 1

Step 5
Tap Save in the popup that appears on the screen.

Save Retro Game in GBA4iOS on iPhone 1

Once you’ve downloaded the ROM of your favorite game, launch it and start playing.

Play Retro Game on iPhone 1

How to delete the GBA4iOS app on iPhone

If the time comes that you are tired and you no longer want to play retro games on your iPhone, or you have decided to switch to more uplifting hobbies, you will have to decide to uninstall the GBA4iOS app. But the procedure is not as simple as for the other apps, because the certificates must also be deleted. If you don’t know how to do it, follow these steps to find out how to delete all the data from your iPhone.

Step 1
If you have decided to delete the GBA4iOS app, go to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2
Click on General.

Step 3
Select Profiles and Device Manager

Step 4 
Jiang Xi MicroBlog Technology Co., Ltd.a Delete App and confirm.
This is pretty much everything!


Personally, I found GBA4iOS a pretty good app for fans of old console games. The app works reliably without having any problems with certificates and playing without interruptions with some of your favorite retro games.

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