How to backup EFS Partition on the Galaxy Note 3

In order to make the backup process as simple as possible, the user AS_id created an executable file for Windows, which allows you to back up an EFS. To view the script you need to have Odin3,  adb, tar, and Cygwin DLL files.
The easiest way to backup EFS Partition on the Galaxy Note 3
The utility now officially supports the model Galaxy Note 3 – N900 and N9005. However, users report that when you select the N9005, you can safely run even with the model N9008 (China Note 3) and N900T (from the operator T-Mobile). In any case, it can not hurt when trying to make a backup even if your device is not supported. Still, we would not recommend trying to make a backup partition on the EFS is not a supported device. Advise waiting until the utility will update and support your very own model.

To download the files, go to the special topic on the XDA Developers forum: download.

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