Gapps packages For Android 10 [Compatible]

Gapps packages For Android 10

The Open GApps are updated and the first packages compatible with Android 10 arrive, ideal for all those who use a custom ROM based on the latest release of the Google operating system and who are looking for a quick and effective way to install the complete package of applications of Mountain View.

The Open GApps team informs us that at the moment it is only possible to download the Pico and Nano packages; the first contains only the apps essential for the operation of Google services, while the second – while remaining minimal – add some extra services.

The other packages will be made available in the future, so if you are used to using the Super or Aroma ones you will have to wait a little longer.

Over the past few months, the Open GApps team has faced several problems related to the infringement of some GitHub rules, which has led to a general slowdown in the work.

Now all this seems to have been left behind and the Open GApps for Android 10 is finally available. If you want to download your package, which we must remember must be flashed with a suitable recovery, you can consult the following link and select the format that is useful to you:

Open GApps | Download

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