How To Fix Lenovo Yoga 720 touch Screen Not Working

Reasons why the touchpad does not work

Reasons why the Lenovo Yoga 720 touchpad does not work

When you encounter a problem, you want to solve it as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t be in a hurry, because the first thing you need to do is figure out the reasons why the touchpad does not work on a Lenovo laptop. There can be a lot of reasons, and now we will analyze them.

The most common cause of the breakdown is mechanical damage. If you’ve dropped your laptop, or you’ve just been using it for a very long time, the touchpad may wear out and stop working as a result. In this case, only the service will help, where it will be changed for you.

But if the laptop is old, then it’s easier to buy a new one, because the parts for your device are most likely no longer produced. But for sure to find out if there is damage to the touchpad, a complete diagnosis of the possible causes of interruptions in its operation will allow.

First, check if you have disabled it via the function keys. Any laptop has a dedicated button that disables the touchpad. It is designed to prevent accidental clicks and movements of the cursor when working with the keyboard.

The button is very useful, but it can be accidentally pressed even when not required. It may immediately seem that you don’t have it – it’s just that in some laptop models this button is touch-sensitive, so it’s not striking. Look at the corners of the touchpad, most likely the sensor is located there.

Look at the corners of the touchpad

If you did not disable the touchpad, then the problem may be in the drivers. They tend to become outdated, so they need to be updated periodically. Also, if the version of the operating system has recently changed on the device, then it is possible that you forgot to install the required driver along with it.

The problem may lie in the operating system settings. You may have incorrect mouse settings in Windows, or you may have touch input enabled.

If the problem is not even in the drivers, then a mouse may be working in your device, which creates a device conflict. In this case, all that is required of you is simply to disable the conflicting component.

The problem may be not only in the mouse but also in any other third-party accessory connected to the laptop.

Hotkey enable

As we said earlier, the very first thing you should do is check the buttons. But if the buttons on the laptop’s touchpad do not work, then you should try pressing the key combination that disables the touchpad – F + FN. For example, on the G50, these are F8 and FN. If the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop stops working for this reason, then you need to try other methods.

Hotkey enable

Through the “Control Panel”

You can also enable the touchpad through the ” Control Panel “. To do this, just go to the “Mouse” tab in the ” Control Panel ” and go to the ” Machine Settings ” tab. In this tab, you will get the option to activate and deactivate devices. Select the option you want.

If the touchpad does not work on the laptop even after setting it up through the ” Control Panel “, then you need to go to the BIOS.

Using BIOS

The most important thing when working with BIOS is not to press unnecessary buttons, because you can easily spoil the system. First, you need to figure out how to enable the BIOS. To do this, you need to turn off the computer, then turn it on and constantly press delete or F2.

Using BIOS

On all laptops, BIOS looks different, but the essence of working with them is the same. Once you are logged in, go to the ” Advanced ” tab, then to the ” Internal Pointing Device ” and set the value to Enabled. After the done manipulations, save the result using the combination Y + F10.

Disable touch screen input services

Another reason why the sensor is not working is that touchscreen input services are active. This is true for hybrid laptops. First, go to the Windows search, then enter services.msc there, and select TabletInputService. This service must be disabled. This will most likely help you.

But if, after all the manipulations are done, the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop still does not work, then the problem is in the drivers.

Disable touch screen input services

Touchpad driver

There can be several problems with the drivers. If you change mice often, then your system will have a lot of drivers for different devices, and they may conflict with the touchpad drivers, therefore it is best to remove out-of-date drivers so that they do not interfere with the sensor.

If this is not the problem, then it is worth checking for the presence of drivers for the touchpad itself. After all, it often happens that when changing software, you can forget to install any package of necessary programs, and then puzzle over why one or another component of the system does not work. If there are drivers, check them for updates.

You can install the drivers from the installation disc, which is included with any laptop. But if you don’t have one, then you can find one on the official Lenovo website.

Before downloading any software package, you should check the bitness and version of your software and the model of your laptop. After you find the drivers you need, just download them.

Touchpad driver

Most often, packages have an installer that will install the drivers themselves, but sometimes it may not be there. In this case, you need to go to the ” Device Manager “, open the ” Mouse ” tab and go to its properties.

There select the ” Drivers ” tab and roll back the system. If the rollback did not help, then click on the “Update” button and select the manual update option. Specify the path to the package you downloaded and update the drivers.

If even after that the touchpad does not work, then the problem is mechanical damage. In this case, they need to be replaced. You can try to carry out the replacement yourself, but if you are not sure of your skills, then it is better to go to a service center.

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