Wednesday , October 27 2021
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Download Google Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers

Google Pixel 6 Pro wallpapers

Every year, around this time, Google celebrates one of the most important events, the Google I/O. It is in this historic event that we usually see the presentation of its Android phones, the Pixels. This year we know that Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be presented, models that they cannot be bought in Portugal, which bothers us because we know that they are smartphones that will have up to five years of updates.

These are Pixel 6 Pro Wallpapers

These models will be the ones that will debut the new operating system, Android 12, which has the new Material You design as its biggest news. We refer to icons, menus, etc. Basically, everything will adapt to the wallpaper, so these are also relevant.

In early August this year, the Pixel 6 Wallpapers were unveiled, and now it’s time to see the Pixel 6 Pro. Once again, it was the boys from XDA Developers who managed to get the images in advance.

You can see in the image above, there are two models for each background, one with a white background and one with a black background. This is done so that they adapt perfectly to the system’s day and night modes. These are photos of plants, specifically these: Cattleya Orchid Echeveria ‘Blue Prince’ Hellebores Mariposa Orchid Persian Lily Pincushion Protea

Download Pixel 6 Pro Wallpapers

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