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The Feathered Edge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a brilliant sword

The Feathered Edge, skillfully crafted by Rito artisans, empowers Rito warriors to triumph in battle. As a one-handed weapon, it boasts impressive stats and benefits that will aid you through the kingdom’s vast terrain.

When brandishing the Feathered Edge, a mighty gust is unleashed upon your foes, easily disabling them. This coveted weapon can be located in two distinct areas within the TotK. Follow along as we unveil the precise steps to obtain it. Let’s begin.

Feathered Edge locations in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two locations within Tears of the Kingdom where the Feathered Edge can be found, both of which are cave-dwellings that can be found in these places:

  • Hebra Mountains
  • Tabantha border

Location 1: Lake Kilsie Cave

Location 1: Lake Kilsie Cave

To find the Feathered Edge weapon in TotK, head to Lake Kilsie Cave, located on the north shore of Lake Kilsie.

Lake Kilsie in the Hebra Mountains

As you venture into the cave, be prepared to confront adversaries lurking in different areas, demanding your swift elimination. Eventually, you’ll reach a precipice marked by ascending gusts that intensify as you advance.

Harness these powerful currents to paraglide up and down the cave toward the coveted Feathered Edge. Amidst your aerial journey, watch for small passages that open into miniature caves containing valuable items. The Feathered Edge resides within a chest nestled in one of these alcoves. Proceed to claim your reward.


Location 2: Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave

Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave

The Pikida Stonegrove Northwest Cave is also one of the locations where the Feathered Edge can be found in Tears of the Kingdom. The entrance to the cave is marked on the map above.

While traversing the cave, you’ll encounter a spot where powerful gusts propel you upward on your paraglider. Utilize this wind to soar into the cavern, leading to a small hidden alcove. Within this recess lies a chest containing the Feathered Edge. Proceed to retrieve your weapon from its resting place.

Feathered Edge stats and attacks

  • Hyrule Compendium Number: 348
  • Base damage: 6
  • Special properties: Taste of wind

In Zelda TotK, the Feathered Edge is a potent one-handed weapon for defeating your foes. Its singular attributes – a dual-edged sword with a weathered blade capable of conjuring powerful gusts when wielded – render it an indispensable armament in the game. This sword delivers considerable damage, making it highly valuable.


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