Best Software To Optimize Computer (Windows and Mac)

Best Software To Optimize Computer

Here you will find an extensive list of the best programs to optimize your Windows and Mac computer. Your computer may slow down and find it difficult to complete even the most basic tasks. Now is the time for optimize your PC so that it gains speed and it works normally.

Here are the 10 free programs to clean your computer quickly and easily.

Over time, on many occasions, we install applications that we will not use later and which continue to occupy space on the PC, which significantly affects the loading speed.

We recommend cleaning your computer to keep all processes optimized and reach maximum speed, without affecting the performance of our equipment.

For this, it is necessary to use programs that allow us to have effective and constant performance, eliminating all the programs and files that we do not need, so we wrote in this article about the best programs to optimize your computer.

How to quickly optimize your PC?

To keep our computer in perfect condition, we can apply several simple actions that will give excellent results in terms of loading speed and optimization. Here are some tricks you can already use to optimize Windows.

  • Free up space on your hard drive:
    • Go to Start – Control Panel – Systems and Security – Free up disk space. So we just have to select “Clean system files” and wait for this action to be performed.
  • Clean your browser:
    • For this, we can use different programs, even if it can be done from the same browser.
    • Go to Settings – Advanced settings – Privacy and security. Then we will have to click on “Clear browsing data” and check the boxes we want. With this we will be able to delete all the data we want, gaining space and speed.
  • Defragment your hard drive:
    • We can use the program Defrag for defragmenting the hard drive. The program is capable of organizing all the information on the disk in order to improve PC performance.
    • Remember that the process can take several hours, so it is recommended that you perform this task at night or during the hours when your computer will not be needed.
  • Disable processes executed when Windows starts:
    • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Del keys to access the task manager. Once inside, click on the “Start” tab and disable the programs that start when the PC starts and that are not necessary for you.
    • We can also close programs that we don’t need and that may be running in the background. This is done from the “Processes” tab.
  • Scan your PC for malware:
    • Open Windows Defender and run a scan to detect and eliminate any type of virus that your computer might have.

The best programs to optimize your computer

There are numerous programs that we can use to optimize our computers as quickly and effectively as possible. Here are the top 12.

1. Wise Disk Cleaner

This free program has a number of features that make it one of the best programs to optimize your computer.

It has the functionality of the PC Cleaner with which we will be able to delete unnecessary files. It is also capable of protecting our privacy, cleaning the browser history, as well as cookies or cache files.

This improves the performance and the best acceleration and efficiency of the computer. In a few seconds, we will have our PC ready and optimized.

2. AVG TuneUP

Well-known program (AVG TuneUP) and one of the most popular for optimize the speed of a Windows PC. It has a very easy to use interface and is one of the best applications since with a few clicks we will have the computer fully optimized.

It has a trial version where you have everything unlocked, in the end, the features that we can find in the pro version will disappear.

3. CCleaner

This is considered by many to be the best free program to speed up and clean a Windows PC. It is undoubtedly one of the best known and used by many users.

With just one click you will be able to speed up your PC, delete unnecessary files, and more. It has a safe browsing mode, cleans errors from the Windows registry, and optimizes all activities on the PC in the most efficient way possible.

In this way, CCleaner is able to increase and optimize considerably the speed. It also has a very complete configuration, being able to choose what to clean at all times.

4. Glary Utilities

The program is all-in-one to optimize your computer effectively. It is not one of the best known, but it is certainly one of the best.

It is able to speed up your PC, correct errors, and is very easy and quick to use.

5. Clean Master

This Clean Master software has mainly two functions necessary to keep the PC in perfect condition: computer optimization and cleaning. With them, you will be able to obtain a great fluidity and avoid incompatibility problems.

6. BleachBit

Originally available for Linux, this program has already made the leap into Windows. It is an excellent free operating system accelerator.

It has a very simple interface where with a few clicks you will be able to access and configure its wide range of options.

It is a very light program and does not take up much disk space, increasing efficiency at all times.

7. Win Utilities

It is an all-in-one computer cleaning product, with a process accelerator and capable of eliminating errors in the most effective way. It has features to protect privacy at all times and has more than 20 tools that improve Windows performance.

8. SlimCleaner

A program that optimizes the PC in record time, in addition, to greatly improve response times and loads. It is also capable of taking up more space and easily removing unwanted programs.

9. Duplicate Cleaner

This program available for Windows performs the function of finding any type of duplicate file and delete it in the most efficient way.

This way you will be able to get rid of all duplicate files quickly and easily, gaining in loading speed and hard disk space.

10. PC Booster

The free PC Booster tool gives us the opportunity to improve overall system performance in general. By using it not only will you have a faster computer, but it also helps to optimize the programs you use regularly so that they load at a faster speed.

It has a very easy to use interface and you can see a complete report of the situation the PC is in.

11. Razer Cortex

This program called Razer Cortex is one of the most used in the world of games to optimize loading processes and increase speed to the maximum.

Has options to optimize Windows and to make the game as fluid as possible. It is very useful and works perfectly, even if you always have to know the technical characteristics to play without problems.

12. System Ninja

This PC accelerator helps us remove all unnecessary files from our hard drive. In many cases, it can build up and it is important to clean it from time to time.

With the System Ninja program, we will be able to perform a thorough cleaning and leave the computer in the best conditions.

The best programs to optimize your computer, conclusions

Keep your computer free of files or programs that we don’t need it is an important task that we have to consider to have a PC that functions perfectly, optimized, and fast.

Therefore, considering one of these programs to maintain computer efficiency is very important, being able to clean and speed up your Windows computer.

Remember that it is recommended to perform this type of activity every so often so that the PC is always in the best conditions.

What are the best programs to optimize your computer?

There are many who perform this function, however, the CCleaner program is considered to be one of the most effective options for cleaning and optimizing your PC.

How can I have a fast and clean PC?

This is why it is important to uninstall programs that are not used, to have an effective antivirus that can eliminate any threat or have a program to optimize the computer. These are some of the keys to having a PC at maximum performance and completely clean.

Are there free programs to optimize the PC?

Yes, above you find an endless list of best programs to optimize your Windows and Mac computer.

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