March, 2024

  • 10 March

    How to access Stremio from the browser

    access Stremio from the browser

    Stremio is a versatile platform for streaming movies, series, documentaries, and TV channels. You can access its content via dedicated applications for computers, mobile phones, and smart TVs. Additionally, a convenient web version is available that allows you to enjoy all the content without any downloads. Learn how to use Stremio’s web version online and discover its unique benefits in …

  • 8 March

    Guide to Removing Apple TV Remote from iPhone Lock Screen

    Removing Apple TV Remote from iPhone Lock Screen

    In this guide, we’ll share a trick to help you hide or remove the Apple TV control from your iPhone’s lock screen. Honestly, this menu offers some cool features like fast forward or rewind by 10 seconds, adjusting volume, switching the sound output to another device [if possible], and keeping track of time elapsed and remaining for the episode. On …

  • 7 March

    How to Install Dolby Digital Plus on Android 10

    Install Dolby Digital Plus on Android 10

    In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install Dolby Digital Plus on any Android 10 phone to enhance sound quality. Dolby Digital Plus, a Magisk module, elevates your device’s sound output. Our team successfully tested this method on an Android 10 phone without any issues. A rooted Android 10 phone is required to enable Dolby Digital Plus. Follow the …

  • 7 March

    Guide to Unlocking the HyperOS Bootloader: Tips & Tricks

    Guide to Unlocking the HyperOS Bootloader: Tips & Tricks

    Last December, Xiaomi introduced a series of new smartphones embedded with the latest HyperOS software, revolutionizing the user experience. Besides, existing Xiaomi devices received the HyperOS update, enhancing their functionality. However, following the update, a significant number of users faced challenges with unlocking the bootloader specifically on their HyperOS devices, leading to frustrations among the user base. Some users are …

  • 6 March

    How To install Superflix on Stremio

    Superflix on Stremio

    Stremio currently dominates the scene with virtually unanimous acclaim. Across blogs and social media, it garners widespread endorsement for its unique feature of consolidating a vast array of series and movies from various streaming platforms into one convenient hub. Moreover, this versatile application is compatible with Android devices, computers, Android TV, Fire TV, Smart TVs like Samsung or LG, and …

  • 6 March

    How to install Stremio on your Samsung or LG Smart TV

    Stremio on Samsung Smart TV

    Stremio stands out as one of the top streaming applications, alongside Kodi, in the current landscape. By enhancing its functionality through the installation of add-ons or complements, users can access a diverse range of content including movies, series, and live events like soccer matches. If you’re interested in learning how to install Stremio on Samsung and LG TVs, you’ve come …

  • 6 March

    Installing Stremio on Fire TV Full Guide

    go to the appstore

    Stremio is the app everyone’s talking about – and for good reason. It’s a powerful tool for managing and streaming a wide range of content, but its true magic lies in its add-ons, which open up a world of possibilities. What’s even better is its wide availability across various platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Android TV, Samsung and …

  • 6 March

    Nothing Phone 2a Wallpapers (FHD+) – Download

    Nothing Phone 2a Wallpapers

    Nothing has introduced its third smartphone, the Nothing Phone 2a. Positioned as a more budget-friendly option compared to the number series, this initial release in the affordable Nothing Phone series showcases some design modifications. The company has competitively priced this model. Alongside the new device, it also features a selection of fresh stock wallpapers. Feel free to access and download …

  • 6 March

    How to Disable Voice Guide on Hisense TV

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    If your Hisense TV is suddenly speaking like there’s no tomorrow, you might have bumped into one of those ultra-helpful, and sometimes ultra-annoying, features known as the Voice Guide. It’s like having an overenthusiastic movie narrator who never takes a bathroom break! But worry not, because, in this tech-busting blog post, we’re going to break down the steps to mute …

  • 5 March

    How to become invisible on Instagram

    become invisible on Instagram

    Have you ever wished to conceal the fact that you’ve viewed a direct message on Instagram? Perhaps you wish to delay your response or keep the conversation visible without the other person being aware. For various reasons, you can invisible Instagram messages in two ways: disable read receipts for all chats or opt for a specific conversation. This article elaborates …

  • 5 March

    Updating LineageOS Without Data Wipe/Format Data/Reset: Guide

    Local Update.

    In this guide, we’ll outline the steps to update your LineageOS ROM without the need for a data wipe or factory reset. When it comes to custom ROMs, there are several notable options, but LineageOS stands out as a popular choice. With its clean stock user experience and stable, fast, and responsive operating system, why consider anything else? Additionally, the …