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Active Display Motorola on all Android Phones With AcDisplay


Active Display the Moto X , or display notifications directly on the screen of the display practically lockscreen off, as will be turned on only the pixels corresponding to the text of the notification.

All this has even more sense if the display in question is an AMOLED as that of Moto X , a panel in which black is absolute because the pixels are practically off.

AcDisplay perform all the operations that will allow you to view notifications resulting in a considerable saving of the battery. Among the new features introduced with this update include:

  • Option to use app only while charging
  • Option to enable low-priority notifications
  • Option to configure timeouts
  • Swipe to dismiss notification
  • Fixes for test notification
  • Ability to hide dates
  • New icon
  • Translations (thanks to all who helped me!): Greek, hebrev, Romanian, Serbian (cyr.), Arabic, Chinese Simp., Trad Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Slovenian, Spanish , Swedish
  • Some improverments and fixes

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