Unbrick Huawei G630-U10 Dead Boot After Wrong Flash

Huawei G630-U10 is different from other Huawei phones. Because it carries a Qualcomm processor and not MTKtherefore, better and easier to a method to flash this phone. But sometimes this phone get trouble when you flash wrong files on it. in this case, Huawei G630-U10 dead after the flash and do not respond even to recovery and the fast boot mode. When we try to connect the phone to computer or laptop Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 appears in hardware device list. Now, in this case, we have to repair the QFIL.

How To Unbrick Huawei G630-U10 Dead Boot After the Wrong Flash.

1. Be sure the battery charged.

2. Download Huawei G630-U10 Dead Boot repair files and flash tool.

3. After unzipping the file, install the program “QPST.

4. Run QFIL

5. Now disassemble your phone and connect the points shown in the picture.

6. Connect your phone to laptop or computer it will ask you to install Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008) COM port

7. Now in QFIL Click Browse to select the stock ROM file.

8. Then click Load XML. Do not select XML files

9. Click on download to start flash process.

10. After the start of the flashing process, It may take some time to finish.

11. When flashing successfully completed disconnect the cable from the phone and turn it on. The phone will be switched on successfully and returned to life again.

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