How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Sony TV

Want to link your Galaxy Buds to a Sony TV? Connecting your Samsung Galaxy Buds with a Sony smart TV can come in handy. You can enjoy watching on the big screen without bothering anyone else and enhance your audio experience, especially when the TV sound tends to echo around.

Once you’ve connected your Galaxy Buds to your smart TV, you can conveniently control your Sony TV’s playback, volume, and more directly from the Buds without needing the remote. Continue reading to discover the steps to enjoy top-notch audio quality akin to expensive speakers and home theatres, minus the hassle of tangled wires.

How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Sony TV?

Before proceeding, ensure the Buds are adequately charged. If they are, proceed with pairing them.


Note: In this guide, we utilised the Galaxy Buds Live. However, the approach is applicable to all Galaxy Buds, encompassing the recently launched Galaxy Buds FE, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and earlier models.

Step 1: To begin, position the earbuds inside the case and leave the case open.

How to Connect Galaxy Buds to Sony TV

Step 2: If your TV is on, you’ll spot the pairing options on the screen when you pop open the Galaxy Buds case. Just select “Connect” to link up right from there.

Step 3: If the pairing options do not appear automatically, press the Home button on the TV remote and go to Settings. If the remote includes a gear icon, tap it to access the settings menu directly.


pairing options

Step 4: Select ‘Remote & Accessories‘, followed by ‘Bluetooth Settings‘ or ‘Pair remote or accessory’.

Bluetooth Settings

Step 5: Upon doing so, a selection of Bluetooth devices will appear on the screen. Opt for the Galaxy Buds from the displayed list.

Galaxy Buds from the displayed list

Step 6: To confirm, choose the “Pair” option from the menu.


Step 7: Upon connection, you will be able to view the battery levels, along with various options and settings.

see the battery levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are My Galaxy Buds Not Showing Up in the Sony TV’s Available Bluetooth Devices List?

If your Buds don’t automatically appear when you put the TV in pairing mode, try this: tap the ‘Add device to Pair Accessory’ option. If they still don’t show up, press both earbud heads for 5 seconds. You’ll notice a sequence of green and red lights blinking on the case, signalling it’s in pairing mode.

Q. What To Do If the Connect Option Does Not Appear on the Screen Instantly?

If the ‘Connect’ option is not visible on the TV screen, go to Settings > Remote & Accessories > Bluetooth Settings > Pair Accessory or Add Device. Choose your Galaxy Buds from the list of available devices to establish a connection.

Q. How to Play the Next or Previous Video Using the Galaxy Buds Touch Control?

To begin, ensure touch control is activated. Simply access the Galaxy Wearable app and choose Touch Controls. Then, toggle on double and triple taps. From now on, during content viewing, double-tap the earbud to play the next video, and triple-tap to play the previous one.

Q. How to Adjust the Volume of Sony TV With Galaxy Buds?

To modify the volume of your Sony device using the Buds, start by activating the Touch and Hold feature. Access the Galaxy Wearable app and choose the Touch and Hold option. Assign Volume Down to the Left and Volume Up to the Right sections. Then, simply press and hold the left earbud to decrease volume and the right earbud to increase it.

Wrapping Up

Here are the steps for connecting your Galaxy Buds to a Sony TV. I trust this guide has enabled you to pair your Buds with the Sony smart TV successfully. Should you have any queries or encounter issues during the connection process, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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