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Android TV Force Quit App Methods [2 Ways]

Apps are a great way to access certain services and content on your devices. Among the apps that are available for Android TVs, there are a number of them to choose from. It is possible, however, for some Android TV apps to not work properly or respond at times. Depending on the situation, it could be a glitch in the app, a problem with the internet, or a bug in the app itself. You can try to force quit the app and relaunch it again to see how it performs if you have such an app behaving like we just described.

The following guide will show you how to stop an Android TV app from running.


How to Force Stop an App on Android TV

To force quit apps on Android TV, follow these steps. Here’s how you can force quit all apps quickly and easily.

Method 1 – Via Settings Menu

The first and foremost way of forcing an app to close on an Android TV is via the Settings menu. The steps are as follows.

Via Settings Menu

  • You can access the Settings gear icon at the top right corner of the Home screen of your Android TV when you select the Settings gear icon.

  • Navigate to the Device Preferences option in the Settings menu.

  • Select the apps you wish to use.

  • You should now see all the apps on your Android TV.

  • Select the app you want to force stop.

  • You can force stop an app by selecting it and choosing Force Stop.

  • Your Android TV will now forcefully stop and quit the app.

  • You will be asked if you wish to Force Stop an app by the TV.

  • To force the app to stop, select Ok.

select Ok.

Method 2 – Via Home Screen

In the second method, you can force quit an app without having to navigate through the various settings and menus. Make sure you follow these steps

  • On the TV’s home screen, highlight the app you wish to force stop.

  • Press and hold the Ok button on your Android TV remote.

  • Now you should see a menu appear on the home screen.

  • The Info option should be highlighted and selected.

  • There will now be an information page for the app.

  • Select Force Stop from the menu.

  • You will be forced to stop the app on your Android TV.

Closing Thoughts

These are simple and easy methods that you can follow to diagnose an issue with your Android Smart TV app. They can be used to force close any app that isn’t working properly. No matter if it’s an issue with opening the app, navigating within the app, or even playing games.

If you have queries, please drop them in the comments section below.


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