SPB Shell 3.7 Skin New GalaxyS Design


New GalaxyS Design


extract the files and after that open read me file in each folder to know how to install each part to your SPBShell

And don’t forget to check out other amazing designs of SPB Shell in my Uploads

If you have any prob feel free to ask


-Samsung Box (100%)
-Battery Widget (100%)
-GalaxyS 3/5 page Slider (100%) – Thanks to H.Inez
-Text under Icon (100%)
-Invisible Link mod (100%)
-Weather Widget (100%)
-MusicPlayer Widget (100%)
-Some Menu graphics (100%)
-GalaxyS Theme (100%)
-Clock Widget (100%)
-Contacts/Profile Design (100%)
-WirelessBar (100%)
-Status Widget (100%)
-Calenda/Agenda (100%)
-GalaxyS an*log Clock (100%)

spbshellne_5anoobzi.sis (20.4 KiB, 156 downloads)