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Get Floating control your Android Samsung Hovering Controls


Users usually complain much of the additions that put Android manufacturers. Most want a system as clean and close to the stock version as possible, and the programs and improvements that are not normally have good reputation. Yet it would be unfair to categorize all added that way . There are manufacturers who, although they still have room for improvement, and include interesting elements. For example, floating controls Samsung.

Obviously, if you own a Samsung device you can not use that feature, but surely you have seen in a video. This is a clever use of device sensors, thanks to which we can control the smartphone without touching . The idea is to make gestures in the air in front of the phone, for example by passing the hand over or moving quickly. It is an addition that, though I have not used it much, is another way of doing things and therefore is appreciated.

Well, thanks to a generous developer in xda-developers, now we can enjoy something in all our smartphones. Hovering Controls uses the proximity sensor to detect our phone if we are passing the hand over . We have three different gestures that you can use: stop the hand over, keep up the device, or move first one way and then the other. We can assign an application of which we have installed to start when the app recognizes the movement.
[wpsgallery] As we see, is a very simple app, and somewhat tricky (as it actually does not recognize gestures but gross movements), but the truth is that once you get used to the point where your smartphone recognizes the gesture, it is easy to repeat . Controls Hovering is still in beta development, so it lacks many features (although it has a widget to start and stop the service). If you want to try for free, you can use the link below.

Source | xda-developers

Controls Hovering for Android (14.9 KiB, 134 downloads)
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