Android: Complete keyboard dictionary with User Dictionary Plus

Dictionary Plus
Dictionary Plus


Right now many of us use the keyboard auto correct smartphone no surprises to take time to answer, it would not be the first time that “a greeting” is changed to another word less correct. However, each time you enter new words into common parlance and add words to the dictionary is tedious, but necessary.

For these cases we find applications that allow us to automate the entire process as User Dictionary Plus . This application will allow us to import all the new words that we use in different ways, either by our SMS or social networks like our Twitter or Facebook, they are means which make words.

Its power is added to backup the dictionary so that if we change our smartphone or ROM we can make sure to keep the dictionary with all the additions you have. The application is free, but there is a paid version for 0.99 € that allows us to import words messaging service WhatsApps

Developer: Paolino Alessandro
Download it on: Google Play
Price: Free
Category: Tools