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How To Cast Meta Quest 3 to Smart TV

Cast Meta Quest 3 to Smart TV

The VR industry is growing yearly, and Meta significantly contributes to it. Meta Quest 3 headset is the latest VR from the company, and it comes with many improvements.

If you own a Meta Quest 3, there will be times when you will want to cast its screen to LG TV, Samsung TV or another brand of TV. Fortunately, the Meta Quest 3 allows it to cast its screen on other devices. But it’s not easy to cast to Smart TV. If you have been looking for the steps to cast your Meta Quest 3 headset on your TV, you have come to the right place.

How to Cast Meta Quest 3 to TV

Certainly, you can use your Meta Quest 3 to showcase your VR experience on your TV screen, allowing others to enjoy your gameplay. Before delving into the steps of casting your Meta Quest 3 to your TV, ensure you have the following prerequisites:


  1. Smart TV
  2. Android or iOS Smartphone (Method 1)
  3. Windows PC (Method 2)
  4. Meta Quest 3
  5. Wi-Fi Connection

Method 1 – Cast Meta Quest 3 to a Smart TV using a Smartphone

The most straightforward method to cast your Meta Quest is your Android or iOS smartphone. Since most users possess a smartphone, this method is universally applicable and consumes less time. Follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Ensure that your Meta Quest 3, Smart TV, and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. Also, confirm that the Meta Quest app is set up on your phone.

Step 2: Proceed to screen mirror your phone to the TV. Every phone typically has a Cast or AirPlay option that facilitates this mirroring process. Here’s a detailed guide:

Step 3: Launch the Meta Quest app on your Android or iOS device.


Step 4: Tap on the Cast icon at the top right corner or find the menu option.

Following these steps, you can seamlessly cast your Meta Quest 3 to your Smart TV using your smartphone.

cast your Meta Quest 3 to your Smart TV

Step 5: Tap “Meta Quest 3,” which will display the devices connected to your VR. Select your phone and then tap “Start.”

That’s it! You can now view your Meta Quest 3 screen on your phone and TV. Keep in mind that a high-speed internet connection is necessary for this process.

Method 2 – Cast Meta Quest 3 to TV using PC

If you have a PC, you can also use it to cast your Meta Quest 3 to your Smart TV. The guide is divided into two parts: mirroring the PC and casting the Quest 3 to TV.

Mirror your PC Screen to a Smart TV

Step 1: Connect your PC and Smart TV to the same WiFi network.


Step 2: Press the Windows and K keys on your keyboard to access the Cast menu.

Step 3: Select your smart TV from the list in the Cast menu.

select your smart TV

Your Windows PC screen will now be mirrored to your smart TV instantly.

This completes the first part of the process to cast your Meta Quest 3 to your Smart TV. Now, let’s proceed to the steps to finalize the setup for casting Meta Quest 3 on your TV screen.

Cast Meta Quest 3 through PC

Now, let’s move on to the final steps for casting your Meta Quest 3. Follow these steps to initiate the casting process from your Meta Quest 3:

Step 1: Open a web browser on your PC and go to Oclus.com/casting. Log in with your Meta Oculus account, and wear the headset, ensuring the Quest 3 is connected to the same WiFi.

Step 2: On your Quest 3 controller, press the Meta Quest button to open the universal menu.


press the Meta Quest button

Step 3: Select the Camera and then the Cast option.

select the Camera

Step 4: It will display a list of devices available for casting. Choose your computer from the list.

Step 5: The Meta Quest 3 screen will appear on your PC browser and simultaneously on your TV.

At the bottom right corner, you can adjust settings and expand the display to full screen.

This is how you can wirelessly cast your Meta Quest 3’s screen onto your TV.

For other supported devices, follow a similar simple process. Connect Meta Quest 3 and the other device to the same WiFi network, then from the Quest’s universal menu, choose Camera > Cast > select your device.

This concludes the guide on wirelessly casting your Meta Quest 3 headset on your TV. With this setup, you can effortlessly cast all your favorite games for others in the room to watch. To avoid stuttering or lag, ensure you use a high-speed internet connection. If you have questions or queries, please leave them in the comments section below.


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