best applications for Chromecast

Although it looks like a very simple device that only allows you to transmit your mobile screen to a television, a Chromecast goes a long way.

Yes, functionally it does only one thing, but one of the devices that are at the end of the connection, your mobile, does not.

A Chromecast only serves as an extension of the mobile, but the functions of the latter are still there. Consequently, you can watch movies, surf the Internet, listen to music, and even play games. But beware, not all apps that work well on mobile do so on television when using a Chromecast.

Taking all of the above into account, we have collected the 10 best applications to squeeze your Chromecast in 2020Are you ready?

Google Home, the basic app that every Chromecast user must have

This list had to start with the main course, and we think there is no better app to start squeezing your Chromecast than this one. With it, you can control all the Chromecasts you have in your house easily, but that’s only the beginning.

Google Home also allows you to manage any home automation device compatible with the platform, as well as products under the Google Nest brand. With it, dimming the lights to watch a movie, playing your favorite music, adjusting the thermostat when it’s very cold, and so on, is easy.

The control that Google Home gives you over your home is total, so it is a necessary app.

Google Home


Best Apps for Chromecast, an application that will help you find the best apps

Best Apps for Chromecast

In this article, we look for the best applications to get the most out of your Chromecast, and, curiously, there is an app that does just that. As we mentioned at the beginning, that an application works well on your mobile is not a guarantee that it will do so when sending it to the TV using the Chromecast.

What this app does is create a list of the applications that best work in streaming mode, so you can be sure that you can enjoy it. In it, you will find all of this list and many more, which also come with a small file that summarizes what each one does.

Its interface is quite intuitive, and it also separates the applications by categories, which makes searching much easier. And if at any time you feel lost, you can always use the search engine to find what you want. Anyway, a fantastic application that you must install if you have a Chromecast.

Best Apps for Chromecast

LocalCast, to easily stream all your music, photos and videos to your Chromecast

If you notice, the first three applications we recommend in this list are more supportive than anything else. But this is logical since if you want to get the most out of your Chromecast, the ideal is to have applications that allow you to expand its functions, right?

LocalCast is one of many applications in the Play Store that allows you to transmit multimedia files from your mobile to the TV. However, we chose it above the rest for a couple of things: first, it is the one with the most downloads in the Android store, as well as the best score; and second, because the range of functions it offers is enormous.

With LocalCast you will not only be able to send multimedia content from your mobile but also a NAS, your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, web pages, other apps, and many more platforms. All this using LocalCast as a bridge between those services and the Chromecast.

But beware, there is more. LocalCast is compatible with Opensubtitles.orgWhat does it mean? That you can stream your favorite movie to your TV and download the subtitles in the language you want. And aside, LocalCast is testing a new functionality: that the sound is not reproduced on the TV or speaker, but on your wireless headphones.

LocalCast for Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, Smart TV

Netflix, because almost everyone has a Chromecast to watch series and movies

A list of must-have apps for Chromecast or Android TV that doesn’t include Netflix is ​​incomplete. The majority of users who buy a Chromecast is because they want to watch their favorite movies and series comfortably.

And if there is a truth as a temple, it is that the best streaming platform is Netflix. It does not need any presentation and in it, you will find the best of cinema and television in one place. Also, the Netflix application is one of the best works when transmitted from the mobile to Chromecast. But you can still take a look at this article if your Chromecast gives Netflix problems.

In this list, we will only place Netflix for being the best, but applications from other video platforms such as Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube also work perfectly. However, to include them all would be to fill the list with the same, and it is not the idea.


Spotify, so you can listen to your favorite music and podcasts with the best possible sound

Along with Netflix, another application for which many acquire a Chromecast is Spotify. Its compatibility with screen transmission is impeccable, and if the majority agrees on one thing, it is that it is the best platform to listen to music and podcasts.

However, with Spotify it happens the same as with Netflix, it is on this list for being the most popular. However, other apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora Music, Media Monkey, and YouTube Music are fantastic too, and worth giving them a try.

Spotify: music and podcasts

Google Photos, the best application to enjoy your family albums on the big screen

Being a Google app, Photos is perfectly adapted to be used with a Chromecast. Its large screen interface is very practical and allows you to view your favorite photos and videos comfortably with your family and friends.

Besides, remember that Google Photos saves all your content in the cloud, so the internal storage of your mobile will not be affected as much. But the coolest thing is not that, but with Google Photos you can have your own large electronic photo frame.

Google Photos

Solid Explorer, the best file manager to use with your Chromecast

No device that can play multimedia content is complete without a file explorer. The Android Play Store is full of fantastic file managers, but for this article, we looked for the best one to use with Chromecast. And which one is it? Well, Solid Explorer.

The interface of this app is extremely intuitive and adapts very well to the TV screen. With Solid Explorer, you can completely register the insides of your storage, open files, move them, delete them, decompress them and even play multimedia content.

It’s a super complete file explorer, but it stands out from many others, for one thing, its compatibility with cloud services. Solid Explorer allows you to manage your files on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Mediafire, Mega, and many more platforms. You can even use it as an FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and SMB / CIFS client, as well as hide files that you don’t want anyone to see.

Solid Explorer File Manager

Plex, the best media center for your Chromecast

For years, Plex has been considered a fundamental app to use with Chromecast. With it, you can transmit multimedia content from your computer to almost anywhere. The application allows you to cast content from your computer to the phone and from there to the Chromecast, all with very low latency and no drops in speed.

The setup takes a little time because you need to create the home server on your computer, but it works great once everything is ready. The great thing is that you can configure your server to access other devices on your network, such as a NAS. Besides, the server interface is very customizable, and you can sort everything according to categories, sections, and shortcuts.

The free version of Plex is very complete, but if you pay for the Plex Pass, you will be able to watch television legally, as with Kodi. But it is not the only thing since you can also use Plex to monitor the security cameras in your home and to stream from Tidal. Kodi is also a great multimedia hub, but we like it a little more Plex.

Plex: Stream Movies, Shows, Music, and Other Media

Movies Anywhere, so you can rent movies from any streaming service without paying the subscription

Having access to thousands of movies and series when paying for subscriptions on Netflix and other services is great, but it’s not the ideal option for everyone. First, each company has exclusive content within its platforms, and paying for several of these services at the same time is expensive. And second, some people only watch movies sporadically, because they don’t have time, or they just get bored.

For these cases, there are Movies Anywhere, a video on demand platform that takes the old concept of Blockbuster and takes it to the networks. With Movies Anywhere you can rent movies from platforms such as Google Play Movies, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime, FandangoNOW, and many others.

With Movies Anywhere you will only pay for the right to see the movie you choose for a limited time, just like that. When the time is up, done, there are no extra charges, no one-month subscription left.

Also, the quality of movies is the same as on these platforms, it is constantly updated and Movies Anywhere supports Dolby Atmos sound. It is a great way to save one euro if you are watching a few movies.

Movies Anywhere

Just Dance Now, dance with your friends and people from all over the world using your Chromecast

Honestly, we could not close this list without a video game, and less if we omitted one as fabulous as this one. Just Dance Now is the perfect game to play not only with your friends at home but also with thousands of users around the world.

Just Dance Now will use your mobile for two things: transmit the game to the Chromecast to be seen on the TV, and be your motion sensor. How does this last? Well, with the gyroscope and accelerometer of your mobile.

With this game, you will have access to multiple danceable songs, which are also accompanied by colorful videos. Do you want to play with your friends? Just Dance Now is in charge of connecting all the mobiles so that they work in the same game. It’s free for multiple songs, but it also has microtransactions for some additional ones.

Just Dance Now

With this, we end this list of best applications to squeeze your Chromecast to the fullest. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do because the selection is very varied.

Of course, we know that we left many apps out that deserve to be here, but that’s what you are here for, so you can leave your recommendations in the comments section. By the way, you can go to karaoke with your Chromecast, and use Google Stadia if you have a Chromecast Ultra.