Unlock Infinite DNA


Plague Inc. is a very curious strategy game. Basically you have to create a new disease, drop it in some country, and try to end the entire human species.

However, the process is not easy, because you will have the whole world looking for a cure or preventing your virus from spreading, until now. We teach you how to get infinite DNA Plague Inc.

The Plague Inc mod that unlocks everything and makes your life easier:

For all the recent events, Plague Inc. has had an incredible spike in downloads worldwide. Besides, it is a game that represents a real mental challenge, and also requires some luck. In order to reach your goal of ending all human beings, your disease will have to improve as much as it can.

However, it is not something simple, since you will have to spend DNA points to be able to evolve it and improve its infectivity, lethality, and resistance.

These points are rare, hard to come by and as you progress through the upgrade tree you will need more points to unlock new symptoms.I

In the higher difficulties, this may not be enough. So if you are frustrated trying to move forward in the game and not being able to do so, we may have a good solution.

We have discovered a Mod from Plague Inc. that will give you a hand with all your problems. The APK is modified so you can have infinite DNA points if you want, as well as many other options.

The APK unlocks all game difficulties, disease types (pests) and additional scenarios, but most importantly it allows:

  • Activate Infinite DNA Points for Plague Inc.
  • Make your disease impossible to cure.
  • Prevent governments from taking action against your plague.
  • Start the game with the 100% infected starting country.
  • Start the game with two infected countries.
  • Mix all the evolutions of all types of pests in one.
  • Start the game with 5 random upgrades.

How to activate infinite DNA in Plague Inc, as well as the other improvements

activate infinite DNA in Plague Inc

Honestly, it’s not that we are very given to use these tricks to advance in a game, because it takes away much of the challenge.

However, we know that at some point frustration pushes us to do it, and there are also many users who enjoy it. With that said, just follow these steps so you can activate infinite DNA in Plague Inc:

  1. Download the modified APK of Plague Inc. from this link.
  2. Activate the installation of apps from external sources :
    • For versions prior to Android 9: just go to the “Settings” menu, then “Security” and finally click on “Install from unknown sources”
    • For Android 9 or higher: when running the APK from the browser or the file manager, you will be taken to the installation section of unknown apps. Just press “Trust this source” and you’re done.
  3. Install APK Plague Inc.
  4. Open the game and start a new game.
  5. Once you choose your pest type, you will go to the difficulty selection screen. There, press where it says “Cheats” in the lower-left corner.
  6. You will open the cheat menu, and there you can activate “Unlimited Strain” to get infinite DNA points.
  7. Go back, choose the difficulty, name your plague, and enjoy.

Once you start the game you will realize that you have infinite DNA, and you can evolve your plague as fast as you want.

Also, from the cheat menu, you can activate all the other traps that we mentioned in the previous section.

By the way, just because you have all these tricks doesn’t mean that you will necessarily win. Regions like Greenland or Madagascar will always be there to ruin your day, so you still have to think. Of course, you can also play without activating any cheat.

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