Do you play Teamfight Tactics? So watch out because this is for you. Yes, the League of Legends board game is now available for mobiles, so if you are new to the game, looking to improve or rank, we invite you to stay with us because we explain in detail everything you need to know. With this comprehensive guide to learn how to play Teamfight Tactics (TFT) on Android and iPhone.

Something important that you have to know is that you cannot be connected in both places at the same time, or you play TFT on the PC or you do it on the mobile. The rest will be very similar, and we tell you this because there are some details that change in the version for Android and iOS.

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Everything you need to know about Teamfight Tactics for mobile: what it is, how it works and strategies

Teamfight Tactics is, like League of Legends, a strategy game. The big difference is that TFT takes place on a board where only your knowledge of the game will stand out, as the champions’ attack and move on their own. That is, you should not worry as in League of Legends about the mechanics of the champion, or against who is weak or anything like that.

In fact, it may happen that in TFT you see champions with objects that you would never use in League of Legends, because as we told you, Teamfight Tactics is something different. And this is exactly what makes it fun. Here you will demonstrate if you really are a strategy genius, so get ready!

How does Teamfight Tactics work?


As in League of Legends, TFT has a normal game system and a qualifying systemHow does Teamfight Tactics work. Although calm, if you are one of those who have no idea what Teamfight Tactics is, you have the option of the tutorial where they will explain step by step, what is the basic idea of ​​the game.

The ranking system is the same as in League of Legends (low to high):

  • Iron.
  • Bronze.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Platinum.
  • Diamond.
  • Teacher.
  • Great master.
  • Challenging.

Keep in mind that in each division there are four ranks that are the same until Diamante arrives, since in Maestro everything changes (the system forces you to play weekly games, and if you do not succeed they lower your division). From Hierro to Diamante things go like this (from low to high):

  • Iron 4.
  • Iron 3.
  • Iron 2.
  • Iron 1.
  • Bronze 4.
  • Bronze 3.
  • Bronze 2.
  • Bronze 1.

And so on. To pass between divisions you must accumulate more than 100 points that you can get by winning in the qualifying games of the game. If you are learning to play and want to use the strategies that you will see later, we recommend the normal game mode, so your “ELO” (a secret number that matches you with people of your same level) will not be affected.



So what’s TFT about? As we told you, Teamfight Tactics is a board game, where whoever survives winsWhy survive? Because you will be facing, through rounds, each of the 7 opponents that will match with you.

The game starts on a carousel where several champions are shown with an item already equipped. Here you must be aware and try to choose the best option, which would be a good champion with an object that enhances itWhy do we tell you this? Because you might choose a champion who does a lot of damage, but who has a defensive item that doesn’t boost it correctly.

But what to do if there is no good champion with a good item? We recommend choosing the champion who has the best item so that you can then sell it and keep the item to equip it for someone else who really needs it or takes advantage of it.

 choosing the champion who has the best item

Now, what do you have to do after you’ve taken the champion from the carousel? Well, from there you will go to your base, where you will buy, equip and level up other champions. This is really important since the strategic game is focused here, so we are going to explain everything you will see in your base.

Your base in Teamfight Tactics

The yellow box contains geometric figures with colors. Those colors signify the rank type of champions. This differentiation is to explain the cost of the champions, their rank, and their percentage of random appearance in the store:

  • White Square: Rank 1 Champions.
  • Green circle: rank 2 champions.
  • Blue triangle: rank 3 champions.
  • Purple Pentagon: Rank 4 Champions.
  • Orange Hexagon: Rank 5 Champions.

At the top center, you can see the round you are in and the next ones to come. This is important because as the rounds progress, the percentage of champions appearing in the store will vary.

Your base in Teamfight Tactics

Other things that you can see in your base are the classes and the origins of the champions (which we will explain later). You can see this on the left side of your screen, there it will say:

  • Sniper.
  • Chrono.
  • Magician.
  • Star Guardian.
  • Etc.

Also, on the far right, you can see your opponent’s life points. If you press on the name of any of your rivals you will go to his base and see which champions he is assembling and how he has them ordered. In this way, you can take advantage and better plan your strategy.

Your base in Teamfight Tactics

However, this is not all, on the left side of your screen you can also see in detail the items you have without equipping. To see them, just click on the hextech box icon.

On the right side, you also have a record of the damage your champions did in the last battle as well as their level (1, 2 or 3 stars). To access this option, just click on the icon of the crossed swords.

TFT Champions: what they are and how they are classified

what they are and how they are classified

The first thing you should know, before explaining classes and origins, is that TFT champions can level upHow can you achieve this? Simple, all champions you buy from the store are level 1 star. But if you manage to collect three 1-star champions, they will unite and form a 2-star champion. Of course, the higher the level of your champion the stronger he will be. In summary:

  • Champions with 1 star: purchases in the store.
  • Champions with 2 stars: the forms joining three champions 1 star.
  • Champions with 3 stars: the forms joining three champions 2 stars.

This applies to all champions regardless of rank. Although you should be careful because rank 1 champions have a higher spawn rate at the start. This makes them difficult to find when the game is advanced and therefore costs more to raise to three-star level at the time.

his applies to all champions regardless of rank

So what are classes and origins? The champions are related to each other due to their classes and origins achieving improvements among those of the same type or group improvements for all the champions that are on the board.

All champions have a class and an origin, this makes you have endless combinations to try and use in games. There are stronger improvements than others but don’t worry, we’ll explain that later, for the moment we want you to be clear about what each class does and the origin of the champions:


Classes in Teamfight Tactics

  • Celestial: All allies heal for 15% (if there are 2), 35% (if there are 4), 60% (if there are 6) of the damage they inflict.
  • Chrono: All allies gain 15% attack speed every 8 (2), 4 (4), 2 (6)  seconds. At the start of combat, all units have a + 15% attack speed.
  • Cybernetics: Cybernetics equipped with an item gain 30 AD and 300 HP (3), 70 AD, and 700 HP (6).
  • Dark Star: When a dark star dies, it deals + 20% (3), + 25% (6), + 35% (9) increased damage, plus previous stacks of this effect, to the closest allied Dark Star.
  • Pilot-Mecha: At the beginning of combat, the 3 mecha pilots merge to create a Super Pilot-Mecha until it dies and separates again. The super mecha’s base life points are 1500  +  45% of the Pilots’ life. Pilots will no longer gain mana when ejected.
  • Rebel: At the start of the fight, the rebels gain 150  (3), 210 (6), 300 (9) health points as a shield for 8 seconds and 10% (3), 12% (6), 15% (9) damage increased by each adjacent rebel.
  • Space PirateSpace pirates have a 50% chance to get gold (2) and a 10% chance to drop an item (4) every time one of them performs a kill.
  • Star Guardian: Whenever a Star Guardian attacks, distribute 30 (3), 50 (6) Mana to all other Star Guardians on the board.
  • ValkyrieValkyrie attacks and spells are always critical strikes when the target is below 40% of their life points (2).
  • Void: Champions of the Void deal true damage (3).

Origins in Teamfight Tactics

  • SwordsmanSwordsmen get 30% (if there are 3), 55% (if there are 6), 100% (if there are 9) probability of hitting the same target twice.
  • Gunslinger: Every fourth attack by a gunslinger causes him to fire three (2), five (4) additional attacks that deal double damage.
  • Fighter : Fighters gain additional health 350 HP (2) 650 HP (4) .
  • Artificer: the bomb squad stuns the targets hit for 2.5 seconds (2).
  • Infiltrator: Infiltrators jump behind enemy territory at the start of combat and gain 50% (2) 70% (4) 120% (6) attack speed during the first 6 seconds of combat. The bonus resets when a target is killed (4).
  • Mana Plunderer: First Attack (2), all mana looters attacks (4) increase the cost of your target’s next spell by 40%.
  • Mercenary: Skill upgrades can be purchased from them in the shop (1).
  • Mystic : The entire team gains + 40 (2) , + 120 (4) magic resistance.
  • Protector: Each time summons, protectors gain a shield of 25% (2), 40% (4) of their maximum health for 3 seconds.
  • SniperSnipers deal 10% more damage for each hex distance between them and their target (2).
  • Sorcerer : All allies get + 20% (2) , + 40% (4) , + 75% (6) , + 120% (8) increase in their spells.
  • Special Ship: Spaceships continually surround the arena and cannot attack in basic form (1), gaining 40 mana per second.
  • Vanguard: Gain 125 (2), 250 (4) armor.

Objects in Teamfight Tactics: what they are like and which are the best

Objects in Teamfight Tactics

Items give champions buffs: life, AD, AP, anti-spill shields, and more. However, it is important to note that each game update improves or weakens items, so it is important that you review these changes every time TFT updates.

As you can see in the image, the objects combine to create stronger ones. You can see which object will be created by dragging and holding one object on top of the other.

Keep in mind that there are some objects better than others and they are classified by their usefulness:

  • S-class: optimal.
  • Class A: necessary.
  • Class B: good.

Being class S the one that has the best objects, until reaching class B that has not so useful objects.

Strategies and basic combinations of champions to win in Teamfight Tactics

Strategies and basic combinations of champions to win in Teamfight Tactics

Now that you know everything about classes and origins it is important that you know which combinations between the champions are best so that you can win the TFT games.

6 rebels

6 rebels

As you could well read above, at the beginning of the combat the rebels gain 210 health points as a shield for 8 seconds and 12%  increased damage for each adjacent rebel.

This makes them a group of tanks very difficult to beat . Also, you have Yasuo, who due to the increased damage by each rebel at his side, makes him much stronger. Note that Yasuo’s spell causes him to attack the furthest enemy two hexes away, this is good since the champions with the most damage, such as snipers or gunmen, are usually at the back of the board.

Ziggs is one of the rank 1 rebels who can quickly evolve to 3 stars and who can equip items with mana and AP upgrades. When you get Aurelion Sol you can sell to Ziggs and thus pass all the objects that he had.

Sona will recover your life from time to time, making you practically immortal. Also, if Jinx gets to get two kills, his spell will be activated and he will start firing rockets.

The idea of ​​having Lulu and Xayah is for them to fulfill the role of the two celestials and have all champions heal for 15% of the damage they inflict.

Mecha Pilot (4 Infiltrators)

Mecha Pilot (4 Infiltrators)

At the start of combat, the 3 mecha pilots merge to create a Super Pilot-Mecha until it dies and separates again. The base life points of the Super Mecha are 1500  +  45% of the Pilots’ health. Pilots will no longer gain mana when ejected.

Now, the Super Pilot Mecha can only have 3 objects equipped, this is why we recommend that only one of your pilots be equipped. The idea is to place defensive objects on Annie, who is already a tank, so she can hold on longer.

The damage will be done by infiltrators who, having 70% attack speed during the first 6 seconds of combat, will exterminate snipers, gunmen, and sorcerers who are at the end of enemy territory.

Additionally, Kai´Sa and Kayle are Valkyries, making their strikes critical when enemy targets have less than 50% health. Remember that Gangplank and Rumble are the Bomb Squad and will stun targets they hit for 2.5 seconds.

6 Chronos + 2 Snipers

6 Chronos + 2 Snipers

With Chronos all allies gain 15% attack speed every 2 seconds, this makes this combination one of the most damaging. But be careful, if you do not have a tank to withstand damage and defend them, you can lose in the blink of an eye.

For that same reason it is that in the first line are your tanks :

  • Blitzcrank: This is super useful for pulling the furthest enemy.
  • Shen: for his spell of becoming invulnerable to enemy attacks for a few seconds.
  • Wukong: that raises and incapacitates enemies for a few seconds.
  • Mordekaiser: that due to his spell he gets a shield that makes him practically immortal.

Already behind, and being protected and safe, are your champions with damage. While Caitlyn and Ezreal hit hard, Jhin is the secret as Jhin’s fourth shot will inflict a critic. For this same reason, he is equipped with the Guinsoo Sword, the Edge of Infinity, and the Runaan Hurricane.

6 Sorcerers (Mystics)

How To Play TeamFight Tactics on Mobile Complete Guide

When you have the wizard combination all allies gain + 75% AP. This added to the fact that Lulu and Soraka are mystical, will make the whole team obtain +40 magic resistance. I mean, good damage with a decent defense. And in case you were about to die, Soraka can use her spell and heal the entire team.

But in addition, there are 4 Star Guardians which means that all of them will gain 30 mana points each time they attack. In summary, you have:

  • + 75% AP to all sorceresses.
  • + 40% magic resistance to all champions on the board.
  • + 30 mana points for all Star Guardians every time they attack.

All this means that all the champions can use the spells repeatedly and do an unimaginable amount of damage. This type of combination, when complete, makes battles not last long, they are like a bomb, start the game, explore the map and win.

4 Fighters (4 Gunmen)

4 Fighters (4 Gunmen)

Fighters gain additional health 350 HP (2) 650 HP (4). This causes the team’s tanks to turn. In the first line, you have 3 of them, Vi, Cho´Gath, and Malphite. Vi will go straight to the farthest target and Cho’Gath will raise all enemies within range of his spell.

Below are the gunslingers that each fourth attack causes them to fire five additional attacks that inflict double the damage. In addition, you have Blitzcrank who will be in charge of pulling the most distant champion on the map towards him.

Miss Fortune has a long-range with her spell, but the secret is Jinx, who after getting two murders, will activate her spell and start firing rockets.

6 Swordsmen

6 Swordsmen

With this combination, swordsmen gain a 55%  chance to hit the same target twice. This is why Irelia is the champion who will do the most damage, her spell makes her jump between champions and does damage very quickly. In addition, it has the Angel Guardian that will revive it at any time and the Edge of Infinity to hit more critical hits.

You also have Malzahar and Irelia serving as mana looters and during their first attack, they increase the cost of their target’s next spell by 40%. This causes targets they hit to be delayed, unable to cast their spells in time, and being able to take advantage.

Another highlight is Ekko, who stops time and hits each of the enemies on the board. Undoubtedly, a combination that will do a lot of damage, although attentive, many of these champions are rank 3 and 4, which means that you will get them at a very late stage of the game.

Things to keep in mind when playing TFT on Android

TFT is a strategy game, so you should think things through carefully before making any move. This is why we want to leave you some recommendations that will be useful when playing a game :

  • Having a good composition is more useful than having 3-star champions without good synergy.
  • The Mecha Pilot cannot have more than 3 items equipped, so we recommend equipping all items to a single champion.
  • Completing the mana bar causes champions to use their spells (the more mana regeneration they have, the more times they will use their spells).
  • Use your index finger instead of your thumb for more precision in the game.
  • The shop updates itself at the end of each round (the champions available to buy change).
  • You can lock the store to retain a champion that you were unable to purchase due to a lack of gold.
  • The win or loss streak can be seen at the bottom right of your screen (it is a flame icon).
  • The longer the winning streak, the more gold you will get.
  • Save gold and don’t waste it updating the store.
  • Refresh the shop 2 times maximum per turn.
  • The server is shared and you can face people who are playing from their PC.
  • BE PATIENT, your start may be bad but in the end, you find the right composition of champions and win the game.

This is the team fight Tactics guide for mobile, what did you think, did you have any doubts? Your opinion matters to us, let us know in the comments.

Blogging is a great way to keep up with the general public while still providing insight and advice. Especially if someone thinks of you as an expert in your field, it can have serious benefits.